Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus

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Saints Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus
Died 212
Valence, Gaul
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast 23 April

Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus were 3rd-century Christian saints who suffered martyrdom during the reign of Caracalla. Felix, a priest, Fortunatus and Achilleus, both deacons, were sent by Irenaeus, to Valence, to convert the locals. It is known that they died c. 212.


It is believed that after performing many miracles in the area of Valence, and through their preaching many people were converted. This led to the arrest of Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus. They were freed from prison, by angels, who told them to destroy all the idols of the temples in Valence. So Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus, destroyed images of Mercury, Saturn, and a particularly valuable amber statue of Jupiter. For their actions the three were captured again, had their legs broken, followed by torture on wheels. Having survived all of these torments they were beheaded.


Relics believed to be those of Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus, are venerated in Valencia, Spain.

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