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  • For the performer of the 1992 dance hit "Don't You Want Me" see Felix (musician)

Felix were a British musical group whose band members included Lucinda Chua, Chris Summerlin and Elv Beetham. In 2009, Felix signed to Chicago-based label Kranky following support from Ambient Music band Stars of the Lid. Their debut album met positive feedback from BBC Music[1] and Pitchfork.[2]

Chua has played with A Winged Victory for the Sullen and is currently (2017) working on a solo album produced by Adam Wiltzie from the band.


  • "What I Learned from TV" (2007) - Split 7" with Chris Herbert
  • "You Are the One I Pick" (2009)
  • "Oh Holy Molar" (2012)


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