Felix C. Gotschalk

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Felix C. Gotschalk
Born 1929
Richmond, Virginia
Died April 20, 2002 (aged 72–73)
Citizenship American
Alma mater Virginia Commonwealth University
Genre Science fiction
Children 2

Felix C. Gotschalk (1929 – April 20, 2002) was an American science fiction writer with a distinct, idiosyncratic style, his work marked by energetic exploration of social and sexual taboos. He was also known as Jacques Goudchaux.[1]


Gotschalk was born in Richmond, Virginia.[2]

He flourished in the 1970s, publishing mainly in anthologies such as Robert Silverberg's New Dimensions and Damon Knight's Orbit series, where the experimental energies of science fiction's New Wave persisted. He is the author of one novel, Growing Up in Tier 3000 (Ace Books, 1975), which shares themes and a domed city setting with a number of his short stories. During the 1980s, his stories appeared with some regularity in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His work remains uncollected, but prime to be championed by some small press publisher, as has been done for the work of such similarly idiosyncratic stylists such as R.A. Lafferty and David R. Bunch.


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