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Felix Gantmacher (Russian: Феликс Рувимович Гантмахер) (23 February 1908, Odessa – 16 May 1964) was a Soviet mathematician, professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, well known for his contributions in mechanics, matrix theory and Lie group theory. In 1925–1926 he participated in seminar guided by Nikolai Chebotaryov in Odessa and wrote his first research paper in 1926.

His book Theory of Matrices (1953) is a standard reference of matrix theory. It has been translated into various languages including English 2 volume translation.[1][2] With Mark Krein another significant book has been published.[3] In the paper[4] he contributed to the classification problem of the real Lie algebras, in paper[5] to automorphisms theory of the complex Lie algebras.

His son Vsevolod Gantmacher is a noted physicist.


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