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Felix Zulauf; born 1950, is the owner and president of Zulauf Asset Management,[1] a Zug, Switzerland-based hedge fund, which he founded in 1990.[2] Zulauf Asset Management has $1.7 billion assets under management, according to MacroAxis.[3] Zulauf has been a regular member of the Barron's Roundtable for more than 20 years.

Zulauf started his investment career as a trader for Swiss Bank, then training in research and portfolio management in New York, Zurich and in Paris [4] He joined Union Bank of Switzerland in 1977, ultimately becoming the head of the institutional portfolio management unit and global strategist for the UBS Group.

In May 2014, Felix Zulauf and his son Roman have partnered with Universal-Investment to launch the Vicenda Multi Opportunities fund.[5]

Notable Achievements:

– He correctly predicted the Japanese asset price bubble and its high in 1990. He advised clients to buy Nikkei puts at the end of 1989.[6]
– Felix also predicted the 1997 Asian financial crisis and its impact contagion effect on other countries. He shorted their stock markets and made huge profits.
– Predicted the Gold bull market more than 10 years ago and helped many investors and funds achieve better portfolio returns.


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