List of Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

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The ATSE is the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
There are over 800 Fellows of the ATSE (FTSE).[1]
They include the following people:

title Name Post-nominals ATSE
Appointed Refs
Professor Abramson, DavidDavid Abramson FTSE VIC 2010 [2]
Dr Adam, ColinColin Adam FTSE VIC 1990 [3]
Em Professor Agnew, JohnJohn Agnew FTSE, HonFIEAust, CPEng, FRACI, FIChemE, FAIE SA 1996 [4]
The Hon. Ahern, MikeMike Ahern AO FTSE QLD 1997
Albrecht, MartinMartin Albrecht AC FTSE QLD 2000 [5]
Professor Anderson, BrianBrian Anderson AO FRS FTSE ACT 1980
The Hon Anthony, DougDoug Anthony AC CH FTSE NSW 1990
Dr Ayers, GregGreg Ayers FTSE VIC 2006
Dr Barnes, CharlesCharles Barnes FTSE NSW 1984
Her Excellency Dame Bashir, MarieMarie Bashir AD CVO FTSE NSW 2006
Professor Batterham, RobinRobin Batterham AO FREng FAA FTSE VIC 1988
Bell, GordonGordon Bell FTSE CA 2009
Besley, TimTim Besley AC FTSE NSW 1985 [6]
Professor Blakers, AndrewAndrew Blakers FTSE ACT 2004
Dr Boardman, NormanNorman Boardman AO FRS FAA FTSE ACT 1986
Dr Boger, DavidDavid Boger FRS FAA FTSE VIC 1989
Professor Boldeman, JohnJohn Boldeman FTSE NSW 1993
Lord Broers, AlecAlec Broers FREng FRS FTSE 2002
Em Professor Brooks, RodRod Brooks FTSE Mass 2006
Professor Brown, TedTed Brown AC FREng FTSE QLD 1990 [7]
Professor Byrne, EdwardEdward Byrne AO FRACP FTSE VIC 2012
Sir Carnegie, RoderickRoderick Carnegie AC FTSE VIC 1985
de Crespigny, Robert ChampionRobert Champion de Crespigny AC FTSE SA 2001
Dr Chaney, MichaelMichael Chaney AO FTSE WA 2012
Laureate Professor Clark, GraemeGraeme Clark AC FAA FRS FTSE VIC 1998
Professor Clarke, AdrienneAdrienne Clarke AC FAA FTSE VIC 1988
Em Professor Compston, BillBill Compston FAA FRS FTSE ACT 1997
Professor Cornish, EdwinaEdwina Cornish AO FTSE VIC 2000
Professor de Kretser, DavidDavid de Kretser AC FAA FTSE VIC 2001
Sir Eddington, RodRod Eddington AO FTSE VIC 2012
Dr Finkel, AlanAlan Finkel AM FTSE VIC 2006
The Hon. Fischer, TimTim Fischer AC FTSE VIC 2000
Professor Frazer, IanIan Frazer AC FAA FTSE QLD 2003
Professor Goodwin, GrahamGraham Goodwin FRS FAA FTSE NSW 1987
General Gration, PeterPeter Gration AC OBE FTSE NSW 1988
Professor Gray, PeterPeter Gray FTSE FIEAust FAICD QLD 1992 [8]
Professor Green, MartinMartin Green AM FAA FTSE NSW 1994
Professor Greenfield, PaulPaul Greenfield AO FTSE QLD 1992
Professor Gu, MinMin Gu FAA FTSE VIC 2006
Dr Gumley, StephenStephen Gumley AO FTSE VIC 2007
Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) Hammer, JulieJulie Hammer AM CSC FTSE QLD 2008
Dr Hetzel, BasilBasil Hetzel AC FTSE SA 1981
Dr Hobbs, BruceBruce Hobbs AO FAA FTSE WA 2006
Professor Holmes, AndrewAndrew Holmes AM FRS FAA FTSE VIC 2006
Professor Hopper, StephenStephen Hopper AC FTSE WA 2011
Sir Inglis, BrianBrian Inglis AC FTSE VIC 1983 [9]
The Hon Jones, BarryBarry Jones AO FAA FASSA FAHA FTSE FACE VIC 1992
Joyce, AlanAlan Joyce FRAeS FTSE NSW 2012
Kinnaird, MalcolmMalcolm Kinnaird AC FTSE SA 1990 [10]
Kloppers, MariusMarius Kloppers FTSE VIC 2012
Landy, JohnJohn Landy AC MBE FTSE VIC 2003
Laurie, JohnJohn Laurie AC FTSE VIC 1994 [11]
Loton, BrianBrian Loton AC FTSE VIC 1980 [12]
Professor Martin, RaymondRaymond Martin AO FAA FTSE VIC 1989
Lord May, RobertRobert May AC FRS FREng FAA FTSE 2001
The Hon. Maywald, KarleneKarlene Maywald FTSE SA 2012
Dr Michael, KenKen Michael AC FTSE WA 1993
Em Professor Miller, MichaelMichael Miller AO FTSE SA 1993 [13]
Professor Monro, TanyaTanya Monro FAA FTSE SA 2009
Morgan, HughHugh Morgan AC FTSE VIC 1991
Sir Myers, RupertRupert Myers KBE AO FAA FTSE NSW 1979
Sir Neal, EricEric Neal AC CVO FTSE SA 1989
Sir Nossal, GusGus Nossal AC CBE FRS FAA FTSE VIC 1981
Sir Parbo, ArviArvi Parbo AC FTSE VIC 1977
Dr Peacock, JimJim Peacock AC FRS FAA FTSE ACT 1988
Dr Pearman, GraemeGraeme Pearman AM FAA FTSE VIC 2005
Prescott, JohnJohn Prescott AC FTSE VIC 1995
Professor Snyder, AllanAllan Snyder FRS FAA FTSE NSW 1987
Dr Switkowski, ZiggyZiggy Switkowski FTSE VIC 2007
Professor Anthony Weiss FTSE FRSC FRACI FAICD FBSE NSW 2014
Sir Winter, GregGreg Winter CBE FRS FTSE 2002
Dr Zelinsky, AlexAlex Zelinsky FTSE ACT 2002
Dr Zillman, JohnJohn Zillman AO FAA FTSE VIC 1980

Post-nominal statistics[edit]

Approx. # held by
ATSE Fellows (Feb 2013)
Australian Honours
AC Companion of the Order of Australia 30
AO Officer of the Order of Australia 98
AM Member of the Order of Australia 138
OAM Medal of the Order of Australia 10
CSC Conspicuous Service Cross (Australia) 1 Julie Hammer
PSM Public Service Medal 7
Imperial Honours
CB Companion of the Order of the Bath 2 John Curtis, Keith Lewis
CH Companion of Honour 1 Doug Anthony
CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order 2 Marie Bashir, Eric Neal
KBE Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire 1 Rupert Myers
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire 4
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire 10
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire 2
Professional Societies
CPEng Chartered Professional Engineer 4
FAA Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science 81
FACE Fellow of the Australian Council of Education 1 Barry Jones
FAHA Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities 2 Terry Cutler, Barry Jones
FAIAST Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology 3
FAICD Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors 7 Anthony Weiss
Fellow of the Australian Institute of ... 1
John Agnew[4]
Martin Thomas
FASSA Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia 1 Barry Jones
FCAS Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society 1 Jinghai Li
FIChemE Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers 3
Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia 13
FIEEE Fellow of the IEEE 1 David Hill
FRACI Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute 3 John Agnew,[4] Anthony Weiss
FRACP Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians 1 Edward Byrne
FRAeS Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society 1 Alan Joyce
FREng Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 12
FRS Fellow of the Royal Society 19
FRSA Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts 1 Peter Dowd, Anthony Weiss
Numbers of active Fellows of the ATSE in the on-line database[1]
February 2013: 825
May 2014: 829

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