Fellowship of United Reformed Youth

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URC Youth
Classification Protestant,
Orientation Calvinist
Polity Presbyterian,
Region England, Scotland and Wales
Origin 1974
Branched from The United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church Youth[1] is and umbrella organisation for young people aged 11–25 within the United Reformed Church.[2]

Formed in 1974 as FURY. It was led by an Advisory Board elected at the annual FURY Assembly. Between 2013 and 2016 FURY underwent a restructuring becoming the United Reformed Church Youth. The new body that acted on behalf of the Assembly were named the URC Youth Executive The details of this new structure can be found on the website


  • FURY Assembly- event run annually up to and including 2011 in January for all young people in the URC, this ceased to exist in 2011
  • URC Youth Assembly- effectively the same as FURY Assembly. But is the new name following the restructuring.


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