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Coordinates: 49°16′49″N 6°40′41″E / 49.28028°N 6.67806°E / 49.28028; 6.67806

Transmitter building of Europe 1 with one of the radio masts in the background

The Longwave transmitter Europe 1 is the oldest privately owned radio station in Germany, situated between Felsberg and Berus/Saar, Germany. It transmits on 183 KHz with a power of 2000 kilowatts a French speaking programme, Europe 1 toward France. It is the largest radio broadcasting transmitter in Germany.

Technical Details[edit]

The transmitter uses directional aerials of four guyed, insulated radio masts which are 270, 276, 280, and 282 metres high. Furthermore there is a backup aerial, which consists of two guyed insulated radio masts with a height of 234 metres.

Due to the strong south-west directional characteristic of the antenna, reception to the northeast of the transmitter (i.e. in the largest part of Germany) is poor or distorted.

The building, in which the transmitters are situated, has a length of 82 metres, a width of 43 metres, and a height of 16 metres. Its surface area is 2700 square metres and its volume 31000 cubic metres. In front of this building, there is a telecommunication tower, which was used for broadcasting the programme of Telesaar.


The longwave transmitter traces its existence to the special state of the Saar territory in the 1950s: self-governed, but economically linked to France. It was reintegrated to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1957 after a referendum of the Saar people. The transmitter was built in 1954, broadcasting since 1 January 1955, on land which is now located inside German borders. In 1959, one of its main masts was relocated to a vertical state [1].

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