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Coordinates: 49°16′49″N 6°40′41″E / 49.28028°N 6.67806°E / 49.28028; 6.67806

Transmitter building of Europe 1 with one of the radio masts in the background

The Longwave transmitter Europe 1 is the oldest privately owned radio station in Germany, situated between Felsberg (de) and Berus/Saar, Germany. It transmits on 183 KHz with a power of 2000 kilowatts a French speaking programme, Europe 1 toward France. It is the highest power radio broadcasting transmitter in Germany.

Technical Details[edit]

The transmitter uses directional aerials of four guyed, insulated radio masts which are 270, 276, 280, and 282 metres high. Furthermore there is a backup aerial, which consists of two guyed insulated radio masts with a height of 234 metres.

Due to the strong south-west directional characteristic of the antenna, reception to the northeast of the transmitter (i.e. in the largest part of Germany) is poor or distorted. A non 9 kHz channel The building, in which the transmitters are situated, has a length of 82 metres, a width of 43 metres, and a height of 16 metres. Its surface area is 2700 square metres and its volume 31000 cubic metres. In front of this building, there is a telecommunication tower, which was used for broadcasting the programme of Telesaar.


The longwave transmitter traces its existence to the special state of the Saar territory in the 1950s: self-governed, but economically linked to France. It was reintegrated to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1957 after a referendum of the Saar people. The transmitter was built in 1954, broadcasting since 1 January 1955, on land which is now located inside German borders. In 1959, one of its main masts was relocated to a vertical state none 183 khtz. Station. [1].

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