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Feltex Carpets Ltd
Public company {NZX:FTX}
Founded Sydney, Australia, AUS (1921)
Headquarters Geelong, Melbourne, Australia
Products Feltex
Feltex Classic
Redbook Total
Redbook Green
Feltex Commercial
Feltex Woven
Feltex Tile
Tile By Design
Number of employees
820 New Zealand
500 Australian (October 2006)
Website www.feltex.com

Feltex Carpets is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial carpets.

The company began its manufacturing operations in New Zealand in the 1920s. The company was publicly listed and later acquired by Australian and New Zealand carpet manufacturer Godfrey Hirst Carpets after going into receivership in 2006.

With production plants in Victoria, Australia and New Zealand as well as offices in the United States, the company exports its products throughout Southeast Asia, Japan, USA, the Middle East and other world markets.

Its well-known residential brands in Australia and New Zealand include Feltex, Feltex Classic, Redbook, Redbook total, Redbook green and Feltex green. Commercial ranges include Feltex Commercial, Feltex Woven Axminster, Feltex tile, Feltex tile by Design and Tascot.

Community activity[edit]

Feltex sponsored the New Zealand Feltex Awards recognising technical and artistic achievement in television from 1970 to 1985.[1]


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