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OriginUnited States
Years active1993–1997
LabelsCritique Records
Past membersMichelle Crispin

Fem2Fem was an American techno group who released three albums. With actress Lezlie Deane of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare as a member, Fem2Fem were the first and (so-far only) openly lesbian pop group to chart, although the band did contain straight women in addition to open homosexuals.[1] But only some of the members of Fem2Fem were lesbians, and according to Michelle Crispin their intentions at the beginning were to promote a healthy view of sexuality with their music, regardless of sexual orientation.[citation needed] However, an appearance by the band in the December 1993 issue of Playboy magazine and the non-political nature of their sapphic lyrics led to criticism by some in the LGBT community that the band was trying to make a fast buck off playing to the prurient interests of a heterosexual male audience.


Woman to Woman
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 24, 1993
LabelCritique Records

Woman to Woman (1993)[edit]

  1. "Switch" 5:17
  2. "Obsession" 5:09
  3. "Woman to Woman" 3:50
  4. "All About Eve" 4:35
  5. "I Lose Myself" 5:12
  6. "Coming Out" 4:20
  7. "Waiting in Tangier" 4:39
  8. "Charmed" 4:33
  9. "Freedom of Choice" 4:47
  10. "Switch" [Erotic Trance Mix] 7:01
  11. "Woman to Woman" [Extended Mix] 6:17

Animus (1995)[edit]

  • Critique BMG/Ave. Foch
  1. "Animus"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "Insatiable"
  4. "Naked Heart"
  5. "Compulsive Jane"
  6. "Where Did Love Go"
  7. "Cruel & Unusual"
  8. "Make Me Love U"
  9. "Scream Queen"
  10. "Worship"
  11. "Animus Reprise"
  12. "Where Did Love Go"
  13. "Take Control"


[citation needed]


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