Fencing at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Women's team foil

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Women's team foil
at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
Venue Waseda Memorial Hall
Dates October 16 – 17
Competitors 47 from 10 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Ildikó Ságiné Ujlakyné Rejtő, Lídia Sákovicsné Dömölky, Katalin Nagyné Juhász, Judit Ágoston-Mendelényi, Paula Marosi  Hungary
2nd, silver medalist(s) Valentina Rastvorova, Tatyana Petrenko-Samusenko, Lyudmila Shishova, Valentina Prudskova, Galina Gorokhova  Soviet Union
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Helga Mees, Heidi Schmid, Romy Weiß-Scherberger, Gundi Theuerkauff  United Team of Germany
← 1960
1968 →

The women's team foil was one of eight fencing events on the fencing at the 1964 Summer Olympics programme. It was the second appearance of the event. The competition was held from October 16 – 17 1964. 47 fencers from 10 nations competed.[1]


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Hungary (HUN)  Soviet Union (URS)  United Team of Germany (EUA)


Round 1[edit]

Ties between teams were broken by individual victories (in parentheses), then by touches received.

Pool A
1.  Italy (ITA) 1-0 (9) Q2
2.  France (FRA) 1-0 (9) Q2
3.  Great Britain (GBR) 0-2 (13)
Pool B
1.  Romania (ROU) 1-0 (10) Q2
2.  Hungary (HUN) 1-0 (9) Q2
3.  United States (USA) 0-2 (7)
Pool C
1.  Soviet Union (URS) 2-0 (23) Q2
2.  United Team of Germany (EUA) 2-0 (21) Q2
3.  Australia (AUS) 0-2 (9)
4.  Japan (JPN) 0-2 (8)

Championship rounds[edit]

 United Team of Germany (EUA)8
 France (FRA)8
 United Team of Germany (EUA)6
 Hungary (HUN)9
 Hungary (HUN)9
 Soviet Union (URS)7
 Soviet Union (URS)9
 Romania (ROU)4
 Soviet Union (URS)9
 Italy (ITA)5 Third place
 United Team of Germany (EUA)9
 Italy (ITA)5
Fifth place match
 Romania (ROU)9
 France (FRA)6



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