Fencing at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's épée

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Men's épée
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
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Venue ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Date 1 August
Competitors 30 from 24 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Rubén Limardo  Venezuela
2nd, silver medalist(s) Bartosz Piasecki  Norway
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Jung Jin-Sun  South Korea
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Fencing at the
2012 Summer Olympics

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The men's épée competition in fencing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London was held on 1 August at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre.

Rubén Limardo of Venezuela won the gold medal — the country's only medal of the 2012 Games. Norway's Bartosz Piasecki won silver and Jung Jin-Sun from South Korea took bronze.


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
Wednesday, 1 August 2012 09:00 Qualifications and final



Jung Jin-Sun won the bronze medal match
Semi-finals Final
  Weston Kelsey (USA)  5  
  Rubén Limardo (VEN)  6  
      Rubén Limardo (VEN)  15
    Bartosz Piasecki (NOR)  10
Bronze medal match
  Jung Jin-Sun (KOR)  13   Weston Kelsey (USA)  11
  Bartosz Piasecki (NOR)  15     Jung Jin-Sun (KOR)  12

Top half[edit]

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals
           Nikolai Novosjolov (EST) 11  
  Weston Kelsey (USA) 8       Weston Kelsey (USA) 15  
  Li Guojie (CHN) 7         Weston Kelsey (USA) 15  
  Silvio Fernández (VEN) 15         Silvio Fernández (VEN) 9  
  Dmitriy Alexanin (KAZ) 12       Silvio Fernández (VEN) 15  
  Ruslan Kudayev (UZB) 15       Ruslan Kudayev (UZB) 3  
  Park Kyoung-Doo (KOR) 9         Weston Kelsey (USA) 5
  Max Heinzer (SUI) 15         Rubén Limardo (VEN) 6
  Paris Inostroza (CHI) 2       Max Heinzer (SUI) 11  
  Ayman Fayez (EGY) 13       Rubén Limardo (VEN) 15  
  Rubén Limardo (VEN) 15         Rubén Limardo (VEN) 15  
  Radosław Zawrotniak (POL) 9         Paolo Pizzo (ITA) 12  
  Alexandre Bouzaid (SEN) 15       Alexandre Bouzaid (SEN) 11       
  Leung Ka Ming (HKG) 14       Paolo Pizzo (ITA) 15       
  Paolo Pizzo (ITA) 15  

Bottom half[edit]

The semi final of Bartosz Piasecki versus Jung Jin-Sun
Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals
  Elmir Alimzhanov (KAZ) 15  
  Nguyen Tien Nhat (VIE) 9       Elmir Alimzhanov (KAZ) 8  
  Pavel Sukhov (RUS) 11       Jung Jin-Sun (KOR) 15  
  Jung Jin-Sun (KOR) 15         Jung Jin-Sun (KOR) 15  
  Soren Thompson (USA) 4         Jörg Fiedler (GER) 11  
  Jörg Fiedler (GER) 15       Jörg Fiedler (GER) 15  
  Athos Schwantes (BRA) 10       Bas Verwijlen (NED) 8  
  Bas Verwijlen (NED) 15         Jung Jin-Sun (KOR) 13
  Géza Imre (HUN) 15         Bartosz Piasecki (NOR) 15
  Abdelkarim El Haouari (MAR) 8       Géza Imre (HUN) 7  
  Bartosz Piasecki (NOR) 14       Bartosz Piasecki (NOR) 15  
  Gauthier Grumier (FRA) 13         Bartosz Piasecki (NOR) 15  
  Dmytro Karyuchenko (UKR) 10         Yannick Borel (FRA) 14  
  Yannick Borel (FRA) 15       Yannick Borel (FRA) 15       
           Fabian Kauter (SUI) 11       



Rank Fencer Country
1st, gold medalist(s) Rubén Limardo  Venezuela
2nd, silver medalist(s) Bartosz Piasecki  Norway
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Jung Jin-Sun  South Korea
4 Seth Kelsey  United States
5 Paolo Pizzo  Italy
6 Silvio Fernández  Venezuela
7 Yannick Borel  France
8 Jörg Fiedler  Germany
9 Nikolai Novosjolov  Estonia
10 Fabian Kauter  Switzerland
11 Elmir Alimzhanov  Kazakhstan
12 Max Heinzer  Switzerland
13 Bas Verwijlen  Netherlands
14 Géza Imre  Hungary
15 Alexandre Bouzaid  Senegal
16 Ruslan Kudayev  Uzbekistan
17 Park Kyoung-Doo  South Korea
18 Gauthier Grumier  France
19 Soren Thompson  United States
20 Radosław Zawrotniak  Poland
21 Li Guojie  China
22 Dmytro Kariuchenko  Ukraine
23 Pavel Sukhov  Russia
24 Ayman Fayez  Egypt
25 Dmitry Aleksanin  Kazakhstan
26 Abdelkarim El Haouari  Morocco
27 Paris Inostroza  Chile
28 Athos Schwantes  Brazil
29 Nguyễn Tiến Nhật  Vietnam
30 Leung Ka Ming  Hong Kong