Fender Musical Instruments Corporation product list

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This is a list of products made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation


Acoustic guitars[edit]

Electric guitars[edit]

Pawn Shop Series Guitars[edit]

  • Fender Pawn Shop '51
  • Fender Pawn Shop '70s Strat Deluxe
  • Fender Pawn Shop '72
  • Fender Pawn Shop Jaguarillo
  • Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special
  • Fender Pawn Shop Offset Special
  • Fender Pawn Shop Super-Sonic

Signature Model Guitars[edit]

Discontinued electric guitars[edit]

Steel Guitars[edit]


Electric basses[edit]

Pawn Shop basses[edit]

  • Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI
  • Fender Pawn Shop Reverse Jaguar Bass
  • Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass

Artist Models (Bass)[edit]

Custom Shop Model Basses (excluding artist models)[edit]

Discontinued basses[edit]


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Tube amplifiers[edit]

Custom shop amplifiers[edit]

Solid State Amps[edit]

First-Series Solid State[edit]

Zodiac Series[edit]

Second Series Solid State[edit]

Third Series Solid State[edit]

Speaker cabinets[edit]