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Herkes Haddini Bilecek / Everybody Know Theirs Limit

İstanbul based Fenerbahçe SK have developed a strong following since their founding in 1907

Many fanzines, blogs, podcasts, forums and fans websites have been dedicated to the club and the fans have long-standing rivalries with several other clubs; the most notable of these is with neighbours Galatasaray SK with whom they regularly contest the Intercontinental derby and Beşiktaş JK with whom they regularly contest the Istanbul derby.

Fenerbahçe SK's fans are well known for their good support, but have also been noted for bad and aggressive behavior.

Since rebuilding the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, Fenerbahçe SK's average attendances have been in the top in Turkey.[1] Fenerbahçe SK have a number of supporters organisations, including Genç Fenerbahçeliler (GFB), Kill For You (KFY), UniFeb (Fenerbahçe Supporters of University Students), Group CK (Cefakâr Kanaryalar), Vamos Bien, Antu/Fenerlist, EuroFeb, Boğaz Hooligans (Bosphorus Hooligans), Anglofeb/FENatics, and SUADFEB.

The supporters motto is Hep Destek Tam Destek, abbreviated as HDTD (English: Continuous Unwavering Support, Spanish: Te Apoyo Siempre, Te Apoyo Entodo).


Fenerbahçe S.K. Supporters in Galatasaray S.K. match
Fenerbahçe S.K. Supporters in Beşiktaş J.K. match

Fenerbahçe SK's longest-running and deepest rivalry is with their nearest major neighbours, Galatasaray SK, with matches between the two being referred to as Intercontinental derby.

Matches against other Istanbul sides, such as Beşiktaş JK are also derbys, but the rivalry is not as intense as that between Fenerbahçe SK and Galatasaray SK.

In addition, Fenerbahçe SK and Trabzonspor have had a strong on-pitch rivalry since the late 1970s, which has intensified in recent years when both clubs have been competing for the 2010-11 Turkish Super Lig title.

A 2000's online survey found that Fenerbahçe supporters most dislike Galatasaray SK, followed by Beşiktaş JK and Trabzonspor, although all Galatasaray's UltrAslan, Beşiktaş's Çarşı and Trabzonspor fans see Fenerbahçe SK as their main rival.

Relationships with other clubs[edit]

National flag in Maraton Tribune

More recently, in November 2011, Fenerbahçe SK's Genç Fenerbahçeliler created a friendly relationship with Serbian of Bosnian origin club FK Novi Pazar's supporters Torcida Sandžak. During a Turkish Süper Lig match against İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor at the Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium, the Genç Fenerbahçeliler and 1907 Gençlik stand deployed a giant banner reading "Kalbimiz Seninle Novi Pazar" (Novi Pazar, Our Heart With You)[2] and after then in Radnicki Kragujevac match of Serbian SuperLiga, Torcida Sandžak stand deployed a giant banner reading "Sancak'ta atıyor, Fenerbahçe'nin kalbi" (Heartbeating of Fenerbahçe in Sandžak).[3]

On March 2, 2012, Fenerbahçe SK's Genç Fenerbahçeliler and 1907 Gençlik supporters groups members invited to Novi Pazar for FK Partizan match in Serbian SuperLiga. Thousands Torcida Sandžak member welcomed Genç Fenerbahçeliler and 1907 Gençlik's 17 members.[4]

Police and community relations[edit]

Fenerbahçe SK supporters haven't good relations with police forces around the country and especially the General Directorate of Security[5][6][7]

Notable supporters[edit]

Below is a list of people who are known Fenerbahçe SK supporters:

Presidents of Turkey[edit]

Presidents of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Prime Ministers of Turkey[edit]

Government Ministers of Turkey[edit]

Chief of the Turkish General Staff[edit]

Istanbul Governors[edit]


Actors and actresses[edit]


Television & radio personalities[edit]

Writers and Novelists[edit]

Sports people[edit]


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