Feng Shui 2

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Feng Shui 2
Feng Shui 2 poster.jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed by Chito Roño
Screenplay by Roy Iglesias
Chito Roño
Story by Chito Roño
Starring Kris Aquino
Coco Martin
Music by Carmina Cuya
Cinematography Neil Daza
Edited by Carlo Francisco Manatad
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date
  • December 25, 2014 (2014-12-25)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Filipino, English (Subtitles)
Budget ₱20 million (est.)
Box office ₱244 million[1]

Feng Shui 2 (stylized Feng Shui 二) is a 2014 Philippine supernatural horror film. It is the sequel of the first film in 2004. Kris Aquino reprises her role as Joy Ramirez and Coco Martin plays Lester Anonuevo, the new owner of the 'cursed bagua'. The film co-stars Cherry Pie Picache, Carmi Martin, Ian Veneracion, and Joonee Gamboa. It focuses on Lester (Martin) who, upon getting the cursed bagua, starts to have luck and prosperity, but with deadly consequences. This film was Star Cinema's official entry in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.[2]

It is also the first Filipino movie to be rendered in 4D and was exclusively shown at the XD Theater of SM Mall of Asia under a partnership of SM Lifestyle Entertainment and Star Cinema.[3]


The movie started at the end of the first film, when twins discovered the cursed bagua from old house of Joy, then it flashed back to the time when Joy destroyed the bagua. But, Joy learned that her cousin Thelma, and her children Denton and Ingrid died in a vehicular accident. After 10 years, the owner of the bagua afraid when she saw her husband died lying on a tiger stuffed toy. She saw her twin daughters (Joj and Jai Agpangan), where they urge her to escape. But, she jumped off the terrace of their condominium unit and fell on monkey bars. Lester (Coco Martin) went on the crime scene to take the bagua but was taken by Hsui Liao (Joonee Gamboa), Then, Lester, Was told to steal it, then he bought a lucky bracelet, inside of a lucky shop, Then he found wallet with a card and a a phone, He redeems the card, Then, They got a new house inside of a estate/village, While they were leaving the house, Lester saw Lotus Feet, Then, They fast forwarded to their car, driving towards the estate/village, Later that night, Their mom, Ruby, was born in the year of the rat, Died because of drinking and eating rat killers, Then Lester, Tried to destroy the bagua, Then the estate agent, came and saw him, was surprised, Then when he looked back into his house, Then the bagua regenerated again, then a few deaths later, Jack tried to break in to Lester's House, Lester's dad, Checked the house, Then both died because Lester's dad was stabbed, and Jack was hit with a fire extinguisher, with a tag that says "Red Rabbit" but Lester realizes his Dad and Jack was born in the year of the rabbit, Then Joy, Lily,and Hsui Liao went to Lester's House to talk about what happened after Lester stole the bagua, then, when they asked to go to the front of the house, the bagua disappeared, Then they went first to Lily's house, Lily thought she didn't have the bagua. Then, Lester and Joy, Destroyed the bagua together.



The idea of a sequel was created after Coco Martin approached director Chito Roño and Kris Aquino about the first film. Being a fan of the original movie in 2004, Martin asked Aquino and Roño if they would be interested in a sequel, and said that he would be glad to join them. Roño and Aquino decided that after ten years, it was the right time for the sequel.

The shooting of the film was set to commence by late August 2014. With the first cut of the film, Joy's character (Kris Aquino) was not present for most of the story. Because of this, the producers asked for re-shoots, to give her additional screen time.

The first official trailer of the film was attached to the Star Cinema romantic comedy film Past Tense, which was released on November 22, 2014.[4]


The film was met with high expectations by fans since the first movie had been a cult classic, considered the 'scariest Filipino horror film ever'.

The film received a mixed to positive response from critics, who cited the outstanding performances of Coco Martin and Cherry Pie Picache but said the film lacked the originality of the first movie. They also applauded Kris Aquino's performance, saying it was a great improvement from her past horror films.

Audiences received the film more positively, citing it as a worthy sequel.

Box office[edit]

The film became the second-highest-grossing film at the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival. It now holds the title of having the highest opening gross of any Filipino horror film of all time, having earned a total of ₱235.0 million at the box office.[5]

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