Feng Xiaoning

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Feng.
Feng Xiaoning
Chinese name 馮小寧
Chinese name 馮小寧 (traditional)
Chinese name 冯小宁 (simplified)
Born 1954
Xi'an, China
Occupation director, cinematographer, writer

Feng Xiaoning (simplified Chinese: 冯小宁; traditional Chinese: 馮小寧; pinyin: Féng Xiǎoníng) (born 1954) is a Chinese film director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He is considered a member of the "Fifth Generation" Chinese directors who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1982. Feng however graduated from the Art Direction class.

He is currently also a member of Chinese National Political Consultative Conference and Chinese Writers' Association.

Feng was born in Xi'an to a family of teachers. He is most famous for his self-dubbed "War and Peace" (战争与和平) trilogy in film – Red River Valley (1997), Lovers' Grief over the Yellow River (1999) and Purple Sunset (2001).

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