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This article is about a district of Bangladesh; for the alcoholic spirit see Feni (liquor); for other uses see Feni (disambiguation)
Nickname(s): southeastern nucleus.
Motto: becoming splendid
Location of Feni in Bangladesh
Location of Feni in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°00′N 91°24′E / 23.000°N 91.400°E / 23.000; 91.400Coordinates: 23°00′N 91°24′E / 23.000°N 91.400°E / 23.000; 91.400
Country  Bangladesh
Division Chittagong Division
 • District 928.34 km2 (358.43 sq mi)
 • Metro 197.33 km2 (76.19 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • District 1,437,371
 • Density 1,500/km2 (4,000/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total 64.0%
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 3900
Website www.dcfeni.gov.bd

Feni (Bengali: ফেনী জেলা , Feni Jela also Feni Zila) is a small southeastern district of Bangladesh bordering (clockwise from the north) Tripura in [India], Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district.[1] It comprises six sub-districts ("Upazilas"): Feni Sadar, Chhagalnaiya, Porshuram, Fulgazi (variant of Phool Ghazi), Daganbhuiyan and Sonagazi.

At British Indian period it was a sub district of Chittagong. Before becoming a full-fledged district in 1984, it was part of the Noakhali district. Feni has a moderate climate with a little high humidity and a rich history dating back almost 3000 years. Except agriculture, maximum people of Feni resides in Dhaka City, Chittagong City, Sylhet City engaged in all sorts of jobs and business ranging from menial labor to high profiled office jobs. It has a large contingent of its population residing in the Middle East and other parts of the world.A huge amount of foreign remittance receiving by the govt are sent by the people of this region.

The main highway of Bangladesh, Dhaka-Chittagong inter-district highway passes through Feni. Buses usually take 3–4 hours to travel on 165 km highway from Dhaka and about 2.5 hours from Chittagong. There is a railway junction situated here called Feni junction. Panoramic landscape comprising the Tripura valley, Feni River estuarine and green paddy fields add to Feni district's scenic beauty. Feni is also important from strategic viewpoints, its position near the Indian border and the Bay of Bengal. Feni is also the only connecting link between the rest of the country and the districts of Chittagong (where the largest port of the country is situated), Cox's Bazar (the most important tourist destination of the country) and three Hill Districts: Rangamati, Bandaraban and Khagrachari.

One of the three Girls Cadet Colleges in Bangladesh is situated in Feni. The other two are in Mymensingh and Joypurhat districts. The country's only Government-run Computer Institute also is situated in Feni. Three private electricity plants supplying electricity are existing here.


Feni district was established on February 15, 1984. It has six upazillas, 45 union parishads, and approximately 570 villages. The upazillas are:

  1. Feni Sadar
  2. Sonagazi
  3. Fhulgazi
  4. Chagalnaiya
  5. Daganbhuiyan
  6. Parshuram


The district of Feni consists 2835 mosques, 38 temples(Hindu), 10(Buddhist) temples and four churches. In feni district there are a huge number of saint has born among of them Mawlana Ishaq Shaheb (R) was most popular and great saint in this district. He was born approximate 1870 A.D. in Sri-devipur village ( Later its name was called Yeakubpur as his 3rd Child name Yeakub). As a real saint he can show show any mystorious ( Alokikotto). During his life he gave all of his Wealth to Orphanage and poor man.According to his 3rd son Yeakub the Village, Post Office and Union was named,and according to his name a Mazar sharif, a Madrasha, and an Orphanage was named.

List of schools, colleges, university[edit]

  1. Feni Government College
  2. Feni Alia Madrasha
  3. Feni Technical School and College
  4. Feni Govt. Pilot High School
  5. Feni Girls Cadet College
  6. Darogar Hut Fazil Madrasha.palgiri.sonagazi
  7. Govt. Commercial college, Mohipal, feni.
  8. joynal hazari college
  9. Feni South -east Degree college, Fazilpur,Feni
  10. Rampur nasir memorial college
  11. North Alipur School & College
  12. Jaylasker High school
  13. Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Sadar Hospital Road, Feni, Bangladesh
  14. Charshaha Bhikari High School
  15. Darul Ulom Al Hosainia Ulamabazar Madrasha
  16. Nurul Uloom Badadia
  17. Madrasatu Osman, Bhour Bazar, Sonagaji, Feni
  18. Tanjimul Ummah cadet Madrasha
  19. Nazir pur islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  20. Sofor pur islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  21. Al-Helal Academy Sonagazi
  22. Sonagaji Islamia Fazil Madrasha
  23. Kodomtola madrasha
  24. Forhad Nagar Madrasha
  25. Feni Government Girls High school
  26. Feni Government Alia Madrasha
  27. Feni Poly-technical Institute
  28. Feni Computer Institute (Govt Institute)
  29. Govt Zia Girls College
  30. Joynal Hazari College
  31. Shaheen Academy Feni
  32. Al Jameatul Falahia kamil Madrasha
  33. Feni Central High School
  34. Feni G.A. Academy
  35. Feni Balika Bidya Niketon High School
  36. Feni Shishu Niketon
  37. Feni Shanti Niketon
  38. Goshal Hat Primary School
  39. Nurul Haque High School
  40. G. M . Hat High School
  41. Lemua High School, Lemua bazar
  42. Feni Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital
  43. Iqbal Memorial College
  44. Feni Model High School
  45. Dhoon Shahadda High School
  46. Aftabibir Hat Kamil Madrasha
  47. Adarsha High School, K.M. Hat
  48. Purba ChandraPur High School
  49. Hasanpur Shah Alam Chowdhury High School & College
  50. Habibullah Khan Girls High School
  51. Khaiara High School, Feni
  52. Khandal High School,Porsuram
  53. Charipur Adarsho High School
  54. Osmania High School
  55. Bishnupur High School
  56. Sundorpur High School
  57. Chanua High School
  58. Shmsuddin Bhuiyan High School
  59. Sharishadi High School
  60. Bali Gaon High School, Feni
  61. Shuvapur Islamia Senior Alim Madrasha
  62. Amirabad B.C. Laha High School and College
  63. Muhurigonj High School
  64. Langolmora Primary School
  65. Dhoon Shahadda Bright Kinder Garden
  66. Dhoon Shahadda Praimary School
  67. Atarturk Model High School
  68. Darmopur Educational Estate
  69. Dhoon Shahadda Fulkuri Kinder Garden
  70. Dandy School and College Feni
  71. Chhagalnaiya Pilot High School
  72. Izzatpur High School
  73. Bijoy Shing High School
  74. Panchgacia Girls School, Feni
  75. Mongal Kandi High School
  76. Bakter Munshi Moazzem Hossain High School
  77. Fazil pur W.B.Quedry High School.fazilpur
  78. Shib pur Bhuiyan Hat A A High School, fazilpur
  79. sonagazi Mohammed saber model pilot high school
  80. motigonj R M Hat High school
  81. Nasir Memorial College, Rampur Feni
  82. Sindur pur khaja ahmed high school
  83. Rajapur high school & college,Rajapur-Dagon Bhuiyan
  84. Fazil pur F F Jinnah High School,Fazil pur
  85. Fazil Pur Walia Islamia Kamel Madrasha,Fazil pur
  86. Feni technical school & college
  87. Ilu Kinder garten
  88. Feni Zilla School
  89. Laskar Hat S.C.Laha High School
  90. momariz pur high school
  91. Bathania Duluma Azim High School
  92. Fatehpur high school
  93. Yeakubpur Ishaquia Atim Khana Senior Madrasha
  94. Shibpur R.B.Hat High School.
  95. Silonia High School
  96. Motua Islamia Alim Madrasha, (Tulatoli)
  97. Gobindapur High School
  98. Feni Laboratory High School
  99. Changazi High School, Parshuram, Feni
  100. Olama Bazar Hazi Sekantor mea High School


Shahid Salam Stadium is the main sports venue in Feni. One great All-rounder named Rajesh Poddar born in Feni. It is the home ground of Bangladesh Premier League (football) team Feni Soccer Club.

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