Fenix Automotive

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Fenix Automotive
Industry Automotive
Founded 2009
Founder Lee Noble
Headquarters Leicestershire UK
Products Sports cars

Fenix Automotive Ltd was a British supercar manufacturer founded by Lee Noble in 2009.[1] Lee Noble created the company ten years after the founding of his previous company Noble Automotive. Noble left Noble Automotive in the spring of 2008.[2] The company was dissolved on 20th November 2012.[3]


An as-yet unnamed car is currently under development and was revealed to the press in November 2009. The car is said to have a V8 from the Corvette ZR1, lightweight, cost below £75,000 and was due for release near the end of 2010. It will also be manufactured in South Africa. The first images of the prototype car were released in January 2010.[2] In September 2010 Lee Noble told a BBC reporter the Fenix sports car was preparing to move into production.[4]

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