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The Fennia Prize is a Finnish design award. The purpose of the Fennia Prize is to present well-designed products and to encourage firms and companies to apply design in a comprehensive and interactive manner in product development, manufacturing and the corporate image. The prize has been awarded since 2003. The Fennia Prize is awarded as a part of the Fennia Prize – Good design grows global competition.[1]

The prize is awarded every second year to a firm or company. In the competition, there are two series: Product Design Series and Open Series, including, for example, business and service concepts and environments. The prize-winning products are presented to the public at the Fennia Prize exhibition.

Design Forum Finland and the Fennia Group are the organizing bodies of the Fennia Prize - Good design grows global competition. The money for the prizes is donated by the Fennia Group. Design Forum is responsible for the realization of the competition and the related exhibition.[1]

1990-2001 a similar competition was arranged under the title Pro Finnish Design.

Fennia Prize winners [1][edit]

Year Winner(s) Winning product / concept Note
2014 Ponsse Plc Ponsse Scorpion Harvester Fennia Prize Grand Prix, 15 000€
Jalo Helsinki Oy Kupu smoke alarm Fennia Prize, 5000 €
Nokia Corporation Nokia Lumia product family Fennia Prize 5000 €
Plan B From Outer Space Oy RePack packaging Fennia Prize 5000€
Wärtsilä Corporation The New Generation of Wärtsilä Four-stroke Engine Fennia Prize 5000€
2012 Fingrid Oy Transmission tower for field locations Fennia Prize Grand Prix, 15 000€
City of Helsinki Helsinki City Library, service and spatial concept Fennia Prize, 5000€
Kekkilä Oy Home & Garden product concept Fennia Prize, 5000€
Konecranes Smarter Cabin crane cabin Fennia Prize, 5000€
Tulikivi Oyj Nuoska sauna stove Fennia Prize, 5000€
2009 Genelec Oy 5040A active subwoofer Fennia Prize Grand Prix 15 000 €
Iittala / Iittala Group Oy Ab Fireplace table fireplace Fennia Prize 5000 €
Metso Automation Oy kajaaniPaperLab automatic paper testing unit Fennia Prize 5000 €
Polar Electro Oy FT80 training computer Fennia Prize 5000 €
Saas Instruments Medusa lamp Fennia Prize 5000 €
2007 Rocla Humanic reach truck Fennia Prize Grand Prix 15 000 €
Halti Gompa and Fiber jackets and Green backpack Fennia Prize 5000 €
Huonekalutehdas Korhonen Flip line of furniture Fennia Prize 5000 €
PaloDEx Group (Instrumentarium Dental) Orthopantomograph OP200 x-ray equipment Fennia Prize 5000 €
PlusArkkitehdit PlusHuvilat business concept Fennia Prize 5000 €
2005 Lappset Group Oy Axiom playground equipment
2003 Rukka / L-Fashion Group SRO motorcycle outfit

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