Fennville AVA

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Fennville AVA
Wine region
Type American Viticultural Area
Year established 1981[1]
Country United States
Part of Lake Michigan Shore AVA, Michigan
Climate region Continental
Total area 75,000 acres (30,351 ha)[2]
Grapes produced Cabernet Franc, Chardonel[3]
Fennville AVA

The Fennville AVA is an American Viticultural Area located in Allegan County, Michigan. Entirely contained within the larger Lake Michigan Shore AVA, the Fennville AVA borders Lake Michigan on the west, the Kalamazoo River on the north, a game reserve to the east, and the Black River on the south. The soil in the Fennville area is different from surrounding areas, primarily glacial sandy soils. The area's climate is moderated by the nearby Lake Michigan, and few days in the summer growing season exceed 90 °F (32 °C). Grape growers in the area have had success with both Vitis vinifera and Vitis labrusca wine grapes.[3] The hardiness zone is 6a.


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Coordinates: 42°31′41″N 86°10′19″W / 42.528°N 86.172°W / 42.528; -86.172