Fenwick, East Ayrshire

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Fenwick is a village in East Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. In 2001, its population was 863.

Fenwick is the terminus of the M77 following its extension which was opened in April 2005, at the beginning of the Kilmarnock bypass.

The Fenwick Weavers' Society was founded in Fenwick in 1761 and is considered one of the first co-operatives in the world.

Fenwick Parish Church dates back to 1643, with Rev. Geoff Redmayne currently overseeing its leadership. The Primary School in Fenwick currently feeds to Loudoun Academy in Galston.

The two main areas of Fenwick are High Fenwick and Laigh Fenwick, referring directly to the area of housing and community at the top of Kirkton Road and the area of housing at the bottom.

John Fulton Hall is in Fenwick, located next door to the Fenwick Medical Practice (which relocated from the rear of the local newsagents in the 1990s) and the Mirage Hair Salon. The Post Office (which is located on the Main Street) used to be located next to Waterslap but also moved closer to the main hub of the village in the 1990s. The old location of the Post Office has been taken over by Fenwick Fine Foods. The Fenwick Hotel used to be Best Western Hotel but now runs independently. The Kings Arms pub is located a few houses up from Jessie's Store, the longest-running single-owner private establishment in Fenwick. MacFadens Car Garage is located next to the former Church of Scotland Nursing Home, Dunselma. Dunselma has been closed and the building demolished. Hall House opposite Fenwick Fine foods delicatessen and coffee shop is a Nursing Home.

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Coordinates: 55°39′37″N 4°26′28″W / 55.6604°N 4.4412°W / 55.6604; -4.4412