Fenyuan, Changhua

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Coordinates: 24°00′55.6″N 120°37′38.7″E / 24.015444°N 120.627417°E / 24.015444; 120.627417

Fengyuan Township in Changhua County
Fenyuan, Changhua
Fenyuan Township office

Fenyuan Township (Chinese: 芬園鄉; pinyin: Fēnyuán Xiāng) is a rural township in Changhua County, Taiwan.


Fenyuan encompasses 38.08 square kilometres (14.70 sq mi) and a population of 23,843, including 12,533 males and 11,310 females as of January 2017.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 15 villages: Dapu, Dazhu, Fengkeng, Fenyuan, Jiapei, Jiaxing, Jinfen, Jiushe, Shekou, Tongan, Xianzhuang, Xitou, Zhonglun, Zhulin and Zunqi.

Tourist attractions[edit]

Notable natives[edit]


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