Ferazel's Wand

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Ferazel's Wand
Ferazel's Wand poster.png
Developer(s)Ambrosia Software
Platform(s)Mac OS

Ferazel's Wand is an action game by Ambrosia Software for Mac OS. It was released in 1999.[1][2]


Ferazel is a member of the Habnabit race, tunnel-dwelling creatures skilled in magic. Long have they dwelled in peace, but now they are under assault from a horde of goblins, and there are whispers of a far more foul foe leading the goblins.

The game concentrates more on thinking than fighting enemies — boss fights are often a matter of logically deducing a foe's weakness. Later levels emphasize trap-dodging, and all levels contain secret passages and hidden items. It's an RPG of sorts, but not in the traditional sense, in as much as the player fights arcade-style and gains power by finding magical crystals.


This game was never very popular but has a cult of fans; some created unauthorized sequels and expansions.


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