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Drawing with Ferda Mravenec on the playground

Ferda Mravenec (means "Ferdinand the Ant", translated as Ferdy/Ferdi outside of the Czech Republic and Slovakia) is a Czech literary and comics character, an anthropomorphic ant created by Ondřej Sekora, who both wrote and illustrated the stories.[1][2] It was first published in 1933 in the Lidové noviny (folk news) newspaper.[3] The character appeared in many Czech children books.

The biggest book about Ferda is Knížka Ferdy Mravence (book of Ferdinand the Ant), which unites three previous books: Ferda Mravenec (1936), Ferda Mravenec v cizích službách (1937, Ferdinand the Ant in foreign services) and Ferda v mraveništi (1938, Ferdinand in the anthill). Many smaller books about Ferda were published along with an animated TV series which premiered in 1984.


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