Ferdinand von Řezníček

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Ferdinand von Řezníček, "Csárdás Dancer". Simplicissimus. 1906

Ferdinand Freiherr von Řezníček (June 16, 1868 in Sievering, Vienna – May 11, 1909 in Munich) was an Austrian painter, caricaturist, and illustrator. Born to a noble Austrian family of Czech descent, he was a half-brother of composer Emil von Řezníček.

Von Řezníček's father was a military officer, and Řezníček became a cavalry officer before following his artistic inclinations. In 1888, he set up an art studio with Paul Hoecker. Řezníček worked first with industrial designers before becoming a contributor to the journals Jugend, Simplicissimus und Fliegende Blätter.


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