Ferenc Oslay

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Ferenc Oslay

Ferenc Oslay (Slovene: Franc Ošlaj, Prekmurian: Ferenc Ošlaj, or Ošlay) (September 22, 1883 – April 22, 1932) was a Hungarian-Slovene (Prekmurian) historian, writer, Trianon irredenta and propagandist.

Born in Filovci, Slovene to a minor noble family he attended elementary school in Puconci and received further education in Budapest. Oslay researched the Slovene March (Prekmurje) and published in the irredentistic Domovina of Sándor Mikola. Oslay's themes were the Prekmurian history, language, the reformation and Croatian history.[1] Oslay made many claims that are untenable and unprovable, including: Styria was inhabited by Hungarians, therefore Styria is also an ancient Hungarian area. The Slovenes in Prekmurje and Styria are assimilated Hungarians, etc. Oslay supported the anti-Slavic chauvinistic propaganda of Sándor Mikola after World War I.[2]


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