Ferenc Talányi

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Ferenc Talányi
Ferenc Temlin

(1883-05-23)May 23, 1883
DiedJuly 9, 1959(1959-07-09) (aged 76)
OccupationWriter, journalist, and painter

Ferenc Talányi (born Ferenc Temlin, Slovene: Franc Talanyi, or Talanji) (23 May 1883 – 9 July 1959) was a Slovene writer, journalist, and painter from Prekmurje.


Talányi was born Ferenc Temlin, in Brezovci, near Puconci in Slovenia as the son of Mihály Temlin and Katarina Frankó, both Lutheran peasants. He studied the catering trade in Budapest, and later in Germany. In his youth Temlin changed his surname to Talányi. He worked as a restaurateur in the Slovene March (Prekmurje), in Ormož, and in Bad Radkersburg, while also working as editor of the almanac Dober pajdás kalendárium.

In 1919, Talányi supported the Hungarian Soviet Republic and was a member of the communist party and supported the worker's movement in Prekmurje. After the downfall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, he moved to the Štajerska region. He worked as an editor of several newspapers and distanced himself from policy of Magyarization; he even wrote Dober pajdás in Slovenian language.

He was arrested in 1930, as the region was now under Yugoslav rule, and his communist past played against him. In 1941, after the Magyar occupation of Prekmurje he briefly wrote Dober pajdás in Prekmurje language but then joined the communist partisans under the pseudonym Očka (Papa). He was captured in January 1945 and convicted for imprisonment in German prisons, but only served a few months. After the World War II he was a member of several political organisations in Yugoslavia. In 1955, he published an article in Pomurski vestnik in which Talányi emphasized his communist past. He died in 1959 in Murska Sobota.

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