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Private limited liability company[1]
Industry Restaurants
Genre Fast food
Founded 22 December 2000[1]
Website www.fergburger.com

Fergburger is a hamburger restaurant located in Queenstown, New Zealand. Fergburger specialises in gourmet hamburgers, and is quite well known internationally despite not being a chain and only having one location.[2]


Fergburger started in February 2001, operating out of a garage off Cow Lane. Its obscure location making it hard to find but conversely giving it something of a novelty status, relying on word of mouth to attract customers. It is now located on Shotover Street next to the new addition of Ferg Baker.

The Fergburger restaurant in Queenstown


Fergburger has close to 30 types of burgers on their menu. While most are variations of the typical hamburger, they also feature a number of exotic variations, such as a lamb burger, a cod burger, a falafel burger and even a venison burger. They also have a variety of chicken burgers and breakfast burgers.

Other than hamburgers and derivatives thereof, Fergburger also sells fries, onion rings, and squid pieces.

Ferg Baker[edit]

Ferg Baker is a new premises which was an expansion of Fergburger and opened for business in 2011.[3] It is a bakery that sells pies, pastries, sandwiches, breads and cakes.

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