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Fergee fighting Judge Dredd
Publication information
Publisher 2000AD #100 (1979)
First appearance Prog 100
Created by John Wagner, Dave Gibbons
In-story information
Team affiliations Judge Dredd
Abilities No superpowers but Fergee is uncommonly strong and durable for a normal human

Fergee is a fictional character in the Judge Dredd story "The Day the Law Died." He was first introduced in prog 100 of the British comic 2000 AD (1978).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Finding himself on the wrong side of the law more than once, Fergee finally sought refuge from the Judges in the Undercity. Setting up home near the highly polluted Ohio River - aka the Big Smelly - he soon proved himself the 'top dog' amongst the mutants and outcasts who lived there. When Judge Dredd crashed through the city bottom in a roadliner, during the anti-Cal rebellion, Fergee saw the Judge and his fellow rebels as intruders on his territory. He introduced himself as the King of the Big Smelly and took on Dredd in hand-to-club combat, losing.

Fergee then led Dredd back up to Mega-City One, helping him capture a patrol-wagon, upon which Dredd appointed him an honorary Judge. He helped Dredd dispatch a group of Kleggs who had taken over Dredd's apartment in Rowdy Yates Conapts, so that Walter the Wobot could be enlisted to try to steal one of Cal's Judge briefing tapes.

Fergee enjoyed his new position and took his responsibilities more seriously than even Dredd could have dared hope during the final battle to depose Cal. Despite two bullet wounds in his chest, when the mad Chief Judge tried to press the fatal button which would gas the entire city, Fergee charged into him and carried him off the top of the Statue of Judgement. He fell to his death along with Cal, but Judge Dredd ensured that Fergee's sacrifice would always be remembered in Mega-City One by erecting commemorative statues of him all over the city.

Fergee's catchphrase and battlecry is Easy the Ferg!

Film adaptation[edit]

Fergee in Judge Dredd portrayed by Rob Schneider.

In the 1995 film adaptation, Fergee is played by Rob Schneider and his full name is given as Herman Ferguson. In this version, he appears somewhat of an anti-hero and comic relief, the movie opens with Fergee returning to Mega-City One after serving six months for illegal hacking. He is assigned to live in "Y" block, Heavenly Haven which in the middle of a Block War. Fergee tries to escape by hiding himself inside a city droid but is caught by Judge Dredd and sentenced to five years for willful sabotage and habitual offending. On the shuttle destined for the Aspen prison Fergee is seated beside Judge Dredd who has been convicted of murder. Their shuttle is downed by the Angel Gang and the pair fight and defeat the Angel Gang. The two get back into Mega-City One and with the help of Judge Hershey they discover a plot masterminded by Rico to create evil clones to take over the city. During the showdown with Rico he de-activates Rico's ABC Warrior robot to rescue Judge Hershey. The robot shoots him in the torso, but he was conscious and speaking clearly - requesting that they pull over by an automated teller machine, in fact - as he was loaded into an ambulance at the end of the movie. Although not seen in the film 2012 Dredd film, a "Riot at Fergee Memorial Park" is seen on a screen during Dredd's narration at the beginning on the film.