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This article is about the given name or nickname. For the Australian band, see The Fergies. For the Australian rules footballer, see Clive Fergie. For the ice hockey award, see Jack Ferguson Award.

Fergie or Fergy is a short form of the names Fergus and Ferguson and may refer to:

  • Fergie (singer) (Stacy Ann Ferguson, born 1975), American singer-songwriter, television host and actress; member of the group The Black Eyed Peas
  • Sarah, Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson, born 1959), former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, also known as Fergie
  • Sir Alex Ferguson (born 1941), Scottish former football manager of Manchester United F.C.
  • Barry Ferguson (born 1978), Scottish football player
  • Darren Ferguson, Scottish football manager and former player, son of Alex Ferguson
  • Forest K. Ferguson (1919-1954), American college multi-sport athlete
  • Fergie Aitken (1896-1989), Scottish footballer
  • Fergy Brown (1923-2013), Canadian politician
  • Dennis Frederiksen (1951-2014), American singer occasionally credited as just "Fergie"
  • Ferguson Jenkins (born 1942), Canadian former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Subhash Gupte (1929-2002), Indian cricketer
  • Fergy Malone (1844-1905), American baseball player
  • Fergie McCormick (born 1939), New Zealand former rugby union footballer
  • Fergie MacDonald (born c. 1940s), Scottish ceilidh dance band leader
  • Fergie Olver, Canadian game show host and sportscaster
  • Fergie Reid (1849–1924), Australian trade unionist and politician
  • Fergie Semple (1922-2003), British Army brigadier and Director SAS
  • Fergus Suter (1857-1916), Scottish footballer, arguably the first recognised professional footballer
  • Fergie Sutherland (1931-2012), Irish horse trainer
  • Fergie (DJ) (Robert Ferguson, born 1979), Irish DJ and former radio presenter

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