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Fergus or Feargus is a popular Scottish or Irish male given name. It originally derives from the Proto-Celtic elements *wiros ("man") and *gustus ("vigour", "force", or "choice"). The first known example is with reference to a Pictish king.

As a surname, Ferguson or Fergusson is common across Scotland but particularly in Perthshire and Ayrshire. In Ireland, the Ferris family of County Kerry derives its surname from the patronymic Ó Fearghusa.

Given name[edit]

Fergus (Fearghus)
Pronunciation /ˈfɜːrɡəs/
Irish: [ˈfʲaɾˠɣəsˠ]
Scottish Gaelic: [ˈfɛrɛɣəs̪]
Gender Male
Word/name Proto-Celtic
Meaning "man-strength, virility".
Region of origin Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man
Other names
Related names Fearghus, Fearghas




Fictional or mythological characters[edit]


Family name
Pronunciation /ˈfɜːrɡəs/
Irish: [ˈfʲaɾˠɣəsˠ]
Meaning "man-strength, virility".
Region of origin Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man
Related names Ferguson, Fergusson, Kerruish
  • Alex Fergus (1899–?), Scottish professional association footballer
  • Dylan Fergus (b. 1980), American actor
  • Sir Howard Fergus, Montserratian writer and historian
  • James Fergus (1813–1902), miner, rancher, businessman and politician in Minnesota and Montana
  • John Fergus (c. 1700–c. 1761), Irish physician and man of letters
  • Keith Fergus (b. 1954), American professional golfer
  • Oris Fergus, Montserratian cricketer
  • Thomas Fergus (1815–1914), New Zealand politician
  • Tom Fergus (b. 1962), Canadian-raised American retired National Hockey League player

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