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Fergus Hall is a Scottish artist, whose work has been exhibited, at among other venues, the Portal Gallery in London.

Early life[edit]

Hall is a native of Paisley in Scotland.


Hall is a painter, illustrator and high school teacher. He is best known for the original tarot that he created for James Bond film Live and Let Die.[1] His tarot deck, the James Bond "Tarot of the Witches" has been issued in several incarnations, with a guide book by tarot aficionado and author, Stuart Kaplan.[2]

Hall's paintings have been published on two LP sleeves for the group King Crimson, and these three paintings were bought by Robert Fripp from the Portal gallery during the mid-1970s.

During this time, while working on the film tarot, he was a teacher at St. Aelred's Junior High in Glenburn, Paisley; he later worked as an art teacher at Trinity High School, Renfrew and St. Cuthbert's High School, Johnstone.

In 1982 his children's book Groundsel was published by Jonathan Cape and won a prize for best picture book in Japan.[citation needed]

New works by Fergus Hall are available on www.fergushall.com [3]


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