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Fergus Kelly is an academic at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. His research interests centre on early Irish law-texts and wisdom-texts.

A prolific author and researcher, he has written and edited a number of books and many articles including A guide to early Irish law. He co-edits the journal Celtica and has collaborated with many others including Thomas Charles-Edwards.


Kelly's publications include:

  • Audacht Morainn (Dublin 1976)
  • A guide to early Irish law (Dublin 1988, reprinted 1991, 1995)
  • Early Irish farming: the evidence of the law-texts (Dublin 1997, reprinted 1998)
  • Marriage Disputes: A Fragmentary Old Irish Law-Text (Dublin, 2014)
  • The Life & Work of Oisín Kelly (Carlow, 2015)

A full list of publications is available here.

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