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Fergus Patrick McEvay, (8 December 1852 – 10 May 1911), was the Roman Catholic archbishop of Toronto from 1908 to 1911.


Born in Lindsay, Ontario, McEvay studied at University of St. Michael's College and Grand séminaire de Montréal. He became an ordained Priest of Kingston, Ontario (serving Kingston, Peterborough and Hamilton) and in 1899 appointed Bishop of London, Ontario. McEvay became Privy Chamberlain by Pope Leo XIII in 1899.

In 1908 he became Archbishop of Toronto and helped expand the diocese by establishing 7 new parishes and ten new churches. McEvay was also responsible for the establishment of the St. Augustine Seminary in Toronto and the Canadian Catholic Church Extension Society. Suffering from a blood disorder, McEvay died in Toronto and was buried in Regina Cleri Cemetery at St. Augustine's.

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Denis T. O'Connor
Archbishop of Toronto
Succeeded by
Neil McNeil
Preceded by
Denis T. O'Connor
Bishop of London
Succeeded by
Michael Francis Fallon