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Ferhat Atik
Ferhat Atik, 2013.JPG
Nicosia, Cyprus
OccupationFilmmaker/ novelist/ scenario writer
Years active1997–present

Ferhat Atik (born in 1971 in Cyprus) is a Turkish Cypriot filmmaker, scenario writer and novelist, who has also written academic articles about the media.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Ferhat Atik was born on 11 August 1971 in Nicosia in Cyprus. He completed his primary and high school education in Arabahmet Primary School, ŞehitHüseyinRuso High School and LefkoşaTürk Secondary School respectively. He studied economics, communication and cinema both local and abroad for his undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees.


His first book, was called Silk Road. Then the sequence with the 2006 Autumn, 2009 and 2011, the two entering the market in Turkey and the Toy Car, in 2011 and 2012, Double Port, which was published in "While" books. He also works in the field of cinema, located in the Ferhat Atik's novel and constructed himself wrote in the autumn, "the key", a feature-length film was the first 35 mm feature film in Northern Cyprus. Ferhat Atik, is married and has a child.

He has published over five thousand articles in various gazettes and journals both local and abroad which brought him great number of awards. He undertook TV and Radio programs, directing, production and presenting under Bayrak Radio and Television Institution of TRNC State Radio and Television. He is the first announcer for Bayrak FM, which first broadcast in July 1994 and Kıbrıs FM in 1997 under Bayrak Radio and Television Institution.

Over fifty research and scientific articles on media were published locally and abroad. He has attended over 50 conferences, seminars and workshops as a speaker and administrator regarding the same concept. He was the founder and member of board for many NGOs. He attended as jury for thesis, short film and media. He acted as trainer and director for many educational groups regarding his field. He provided training for scenario, novel, prose and philosophy literature.

Atik was the editor for the first internet gazette Kimgazet of Cyprus while during the same period he published articles, research, poems, essays and stories in Kıbrıs Gazetesi and Dördüncü KuvvetMedya and also in many local and international journal, gazette, internet, literature journal, thought and philosophyjournal and also edited various books other than his own books and scenarios.

His first book İpekYolu (Silk Way), is an essay and poem type of book. It was published as double print in 1997 and 2001. He also has a crime fiction featured to be the first in Cyprus which was published on December 2006 named Sonbahar (Fall). He has a novel published in 2009, named OyuncakAraba (Toy Car) describing "love in the middle of the war" and also sold in Turkey. He has been a coordinator in TRNC Higher Board of Broadcasting since it was founded and a daily columnist in social media (#FerhatAtikYazilari) since his contributions to GünlükBetikGazetesi and Star KıbrısGazetesi. He is a member of 11 literature organisations based in America, Europe, Turkey and Eurasia.

Beside his short films and scripts Atik has series scripts from "SeherVakti" and the novel of 'OyuncakAraba' and a feature-length film from the novel of Sonbahar. Atik also has a poetry book named 'ÇifteLiman' (Double Port) published in September 2011. The feature-long film Anahtar turned into screenplay from the novel named Sonbahar and produced by Prequel Production and was premiered as a 'preview' in the 48th International Antalya Golden OrangeFilm Festival, also screened as a 'preview' in 31st Istanbul Film Festival on 4 April 2012 and was released on 9 March 2012 in TRNC and 8 June 2012 in Turkey thus emerging as the first 35mm featured-long film of North Cyprus. Furthermore, the ÇifteLiman poem book and Cyprus' first "Apple Application"-OyuncakAraba of FerhatAtik- had the 2. Press byDestekYayınları in central Istanbul and sold across Turkey in February 2012. Atik also penned a biographic novel- "VakitVarken" (When there is still a Time) –via Cyprus' famous and rooted families; Adem Kaner and Vedat Kaner Brothers' lives and published on 8 April 2012 as the first for its type in North Cyprus. Atik, an occupy filmmakers and occupy writers activist, is married and a father of one.


Books and screenplays[edit]

  • Silk Road (1997) Edition
  • Silk Road (2001–2005) II.Printing
  • Toy car (novel, 2009) Edition, ISBN 978-605-4270-08-8
  • Toy car (series of Screenplay-2010)
  • At dawn (screenplay/series 2011)
  • Autumn (2006) Edition
  • Cristal Night (2017)[1]


  • Autumn (novel-2006) Edition
  • Autumn (short Film Writer/Director, 2006)
  • SBB Hotline introduction movie (2005)-Director
  • Awareness (short Film Writer/Director-2010)
  • NHR's day (short Film Writer/Director-2010)

Academic writing[edit]

  • EU countries controlling the Boards Review the publication (Academic Research-2002)
  • Northern Cyprus National Television "TV Program Types" Research (academic papers-2006)
  • Individual media state (academic papers-2006),
  • The formation of radio and Television Broadcasting in Cyprus, Control and future (academic papers-2007)
  • Moment analysis (academic papers-2007)
  • Power Heryerdeliği (academic papers-2007)
  • "Grandpa" in terms of the examination of the book of Michael Foucault theorems (academic papers-2008)
  • Journalism and ethics (academic papers-2008)
  • JD Difference Review (academic papers-2008)
  • Athens Actions "do not Cry a tear Bomb Us, we have already"-(academic papers-2008)
  • Women of the world (literature Survey-2008)
  • Toy car (short Film Writer/Director-2009)
  • To Understand Kafka (literature Survey-2009)
  • Ponaptikon (academic papers-2009)
  • JD Detour Review (academic papers-2009)
  • "The other was exposed to violence, the dogmas of won! (Academic Philosophy Article-2011)
  • Double port (Poetry), ISBN 978-605-5395-11-7
  • Key (screenplay/executive producer-35 mm Feature Film 2011-release date: 9 March 2012),[2]
  • ' Kadınınadı! ' (Converted to social media studies)
  • Toy car (novel-Turkey-wide II. Edition February 2012) ISBN 978-605-4607-01-3
  • While (novel-April 2012)
  • Sexual objects: Women, men consumed (academic Article-April 2012)
  • The defeat of the new victory, the new media! -Social media review (academic Article-May 2012)
  • Double port (E-Book)-Apple of your eyelashes (Dotto BT 14 August 2012)
  • Toy Car (Roman II. Edition E-Book)
  • Social media, Traditional Media (academic papers-2013)
  • Foreword by the study (to be published after the death of Dr. Dogan Harman's book)
  • Values, philosophy and ethics-(Academic Article-May 2013)



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