Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

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Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
Comhairle Ceantair Fhear Manach agus na hÓmaí
Districk Cooncil o Fermanagh an Omey
Coat of arms or logo
Founded 1 April 2015
Preceded by Fermanagh District Council
Omagh District Council
Stephen McCann, Sinn Féin
Seats 40
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Composition.png
Political groups
     Sinn Féin (16)
     UUP (8)
     SDLP (6)
     DUP (6)
     Independents (4)
Last election
22 May 2014

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (Irish: Comhairle Ceantair Fhear Manach agus na hÓmaí; Ulster-Scots: Districk Cooncil o Fermanagh an Omey[1]) is a local authority in Northern Ireland and was established on 1 April 2015. It replaced Fermanagh District Council and Omagh District Council and covers most of the southwest of Northern Ireland. Its first election was on 22 May 2014, and it acted as a shadow authority prior to the creation of the Fermanagh and Omagh district in April 2015.



From To Name Party
2015 2016 Thomas O'Reilly Sinn Féin
2016 2017 Mary Garrity SDLP
2017 2018 Stephen McCann Sinn Féin
2018 2019 Howard Thornton UUP

Vice Chairman[edit]

From To Name Party
2015 2016 Paul Robinson DUP
2016 2017 Bert Wilson UUP
2017 2018 Alex Baird UUP
2018 2019 John Feely Sinn Féin


For the purpose of elections the council is divided into seven district electoral areas (DEA):[2]

Area Seats
Enniskillen 6
Erne East 6
Erne North 5
Erne West 5
Mid Tyrone 6
Omagh 6
West Tyrone 6

Seat summary[edit]

Party Elected
Sinn Féin 17 16
Ulster Unionist Party 9 8
Social Democratic and Labour Party 8 6
Democratic Unionist Party 5 6
Independents 1 4

Last updated 26 November 2017.[3]

Councillors by electoral area[edit]

Current council members
District electoral area Name Party
Enniskillen Robert Irvine UUP
Keith Elliot DUP
Patricia Rogers SDLP
Tommy Maguire Sinn Féin
Debbie Coyle Sinn Féin
Howard Thornton UUP
Erne East Victor Warrington UUP
Paul Robinson DUP
Garbhan McPhillips † SDLP
Tom O'Reilly Sinn Féin
Brian McCaffrey Sinn Féin
Sheamus Greene Sinn Féin
Erne North Diane Armstrong † UUP
Raymond Farrell ‡‡ DUP
David Mahon DUP
John Coyle SDLP
John Feely Sinn Féin
Erne West Alex Baird UUP
Bernice Swift Independent
Barry Doherty Sinn Féin
Anthony Feely Sinn Féin
Brendan Gallagher SDLP
Mid Tyrone Bert Wilson UUP
Seán Clarke Sinn Féin
Ann Marie Fitzgerald Sinn Féin
Seán Donnelly Sinn Féin
Barry McNally Sinn Féin
Rosemarie Shields SDLP
Omagh Josephine Deehan ‡ Independent
Sorcha McAnespy ‡ Independent
Errol Thompson DUP
Chris Smyth UUP
Joanne Donnelly ‡ Independent
Marty McColgan Sinn Féin
West Tyrone Glenn Campbell Sinn Féin
Allan Rainey UUP
Frankie Donnelly Sinn Féin
Mark Buchanan DUP
Mary Garrity SDLP
Stephen McCann Sinn Féin

: Co-opted to fill a vacancy since the election.: New party affiliation since the election. Last update 26 November 2017.[4]

For further details see Fermanagh and Omagh District Council election, 2014


The area covered by the new council has a population of 113,161 residents according to the 2011 Northern Ireland census.[5]

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