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Fern is the common name for plants in the phylum or division Pterophyta, also known as Filicophyta.

Fern may also refer to:


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Given name[edit]




  • FERN, the Forests and the European Union Resource Network
  • Fern (letter), in Ogham, a medieval British alphabet
  • Fern (TV series)
  • Fern ally, a term covering a group of vascular plants that are not flowering plants and not true ferns
  • Fern bar, a slang term for an upscale bar or tavern
  • Fern green, a colour
  • Fern moth, the geometer moth Horisme tersata
  • USS Fern, several ships
  • Ferns Report, an Irish government inquiry into allegations of clerical sexual abuse in the Irish Catholic Diocese of Ferns