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Fernand Angel (2 February 1881, Douzy – 13 July 1950) was a French herpetologist.

In 1905 he began work as a préparateur under Léon Vaillant and François Mocquard at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris. Later on, he became curator of the herpetology collection at the museum, a position he maintained for several decades until the time of his death in 1950.[1]

He specialized in herpetofauna native to Madagascar, Indochina and the French colonies of Western Africa. Most of his scientific papers were in the field of systematics.[1]

Published works[edit]

He performed illustrative work for the volume on reptiles in the series "Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amérique Centrale", complementing the other drawings done by Marie Firmin Bocourt.[1] Other noted works by Fernand Angel are:

  • Contribution à l'étude systématique des lézards appartenant aux genres Uroplatus et Brookesia, 1929 - Contribution to the systematics of lizards belonging to the genera Uroplatus and Brookesia.
  • Reptiles et amphibiens, 1946 - Reptiles and amphibians.
  • Vie et mœurs des amphibiens, 1947 - Life and behaviour of amphibians.
  • Petit atlas des amphibiens et reptiles, 1949 - Small atlas of amphibians and reptiles.
  • Vie et mœurs des serpents, 1950 - Life and behaviour of snakes.[2]


  • Angel's caecilian, Geotrypetes angeli.[3]
  • Angel's keelback, Rhabdophis angeli.[4]
  • Angel's chameleon, Furcifer angeli.
  • Angel's dwarf gecko, Lygodactylus decaryi.
  • Angel's five-toed skink, Lacertaspis lepesmei.
  • Angel's gecko, Geckolepis petiti.
  • Angel's kukri snake, Oligodon macrurus.
  • Angel's mountain keelback, Paratapinophis praemaxillaris.
  • Angel's petite gecko, Paragehyra petiti.
  • Angel's writhing skink, Lygosoma angeli.[5]


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