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Fernand Hibbert

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Fernand Hibbert

Fernand Hibbert (3 October 1873 - 1928) was a Haitian novelist and is one of the most widely read Haitian authors.[1] He is known for his satiric and humorous novels.

Born in Miragoâne, Hibbert was educated in Paris, France, where he studied law and political science. After returning to Haiti in 1894, he worked as a teacher, politician, and diplomat. Along with his contemporaries Frédéric Marcelin and Justin Lhérisson he worked to establish a uniquely Haitian novel. His 1908 novella Romulus was translated into English in 2013.

Selected works

  • Séna (1905)
  • Les Thazar (1907)
  • Romulus (1908)
  • Masques et Visages (1910)
  • Manuscrit de mon Ami (1923)
  • Simulacres (1923)
  • Romulus. Translated into English. Aylmer, QC: Deux Voiliers, 2013. ISBN 978-0988104891
  • Pretenders. Les Simulacres translated into English. Aylmer, QC: Deux Voiliers, 2018. ISBN 978-1928049500


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