Fernanda Rodrigues

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Fernanda Rodrigues
Born Fernanda Erlanger Rodrigues
(1979-10-21) October 21, 1979 (age 37)[1]
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Raoni Carneiro[1]
Children 2

Fernanda Erlanger Rodrigues (born October 21, 1979 in Rio de Janeiro)[1] is a Brazilian film and television actress and entertainer.


Fernanda Rodrigues began her career as a child, with only three years old have participated in music videos and advertisements. At age 11, debuted as an actress on the soap opera Vamp playing Isa. Since then participated in numerous productions of Rede Globo, among them: Deus nos Acuda, A Viagem, Malhação, Zazá, Corpo Dourado,[2] Vila Madalena, Estrela-Guia, Sabor da Paixão,[3] O Profeta, in addition to historical miniseries Aquarela do Brasil.[1]

In film, she appeared in Simão, o Fantasma Trapalhão, A Partilha, De Morango, and starred in the movie Noite de São João.[1]

She acted in plays like assembling Pollyana, A.m.i.g.a.s. and Beijo no Asfalto. Since 2006, alongside Bruno Mazzeo, protagonist of the Enfim Nós, a romantic comedy. Recently played on the soap opera of Negócio da China Stelinha the Gothic, the first villain in her career.[1][4]

In 2011, she was applauded by audiences and critics with the character in the novel Jose O Astro,[5] showing every emotion in the skin of a young woman who gives his life for the child. Six days in October, date of death of Joseph in the novel, her character's name appeared on the TT site twitter Brazil, Brazilian recognition of his brilliant performance.

Personal life[edit]

Rodrigues is married to actor Raoni Carneiro and they have a daughter, Luisa (born on December 11, 2009), and a son, Bento (born on February 11, 2016).

Rodrigues was a bridesmaid at Sandy's wedding. They've been best friends since meeting while working together in Estrela Guia.[1]

Television jobs[edit]



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