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Fernando Chamorro Alfaro (1824 – 21 July 1863) was a General and member of the governing junta of Nicaragua (1860–1863).

Fernando Chamorro was a firm supporter of the Conservative Party, which was dominated during his youth by his half-brother and guardian, Fruto Chamorro. When Fruto died in 1855, the Liberal Party attempted to take power and invited filibuster William Walker to support their cause. Civil war ensued. Fernando organized an army. As commanding general, he pledged his loyalty to the legitimate president José María Estrada, then in exile in Honduras. However, his forces were defeated in a battle with Walker's troops and they took refuge in Honduras.

General Fernando Chamorro
Nicaraguan Postage, 1921

Shortly thereafter, President Estrada returned from Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua where he installed his government. He immediately appointed Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Alfaro as General Minister and General Tomás Martínez Guerrero as Commander of the Army. General Fernando and his men returned from Honduras to join the government of Estrada. Subsequently, the two factions united in oppositionto the Walker incursion, and General Fernando was able to concentrate on fighting Americans and not Nicaraguans. His disposition of forces resulted in a victory over the Americans at San Jacinto Hacienda.

In 1857, Walker was expelled. and two presidents, representing the Liberals and Conservatives, took office. General Martinez became the Conservative president and General Fernando Chamorro remained his loyal supporter.

When designated acting president during an absence of Martinez in 1860, he learned that William Walker had returned and was threatening Honduras. He published a proclamation which in part said: An enemy, the filibuster, comes to provide us the opportunity to prove to the entire world that we know how to defend our rights; the danger is also ours. The question is CentralAmerican. Walker was finally captured and killed in Honduras in 1860.

In 1863, Maximo Jerez attempted to overthrow President Martínez, and General Fernando Chamorro again fielded an army to defend him. But, he was assassinated on 21 July 1863 near Choluteca, Honduras.

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