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Fernando Dagnino Guerra, known professionally as Fernando Dagnino, (born 24 July 1973) is a Spanish comic book artist,[1] writer and penciller born in Madrid, Spain.


Dagnino's artistic career started out during his last years of university (master's degree in English Studies) and led him into three main fields: graphic design, illustration and comic books.[citation needed]

He worked for The Walt Disney Company's Imagineers in the design of an attraction permanently exhibited in Florida.[citation needed] He also combined work as an illustrator for juvenile literature while producing works as a freelancer for publicity agencies, magazines and producers.

In 2008 Dagnino abandoned the advertising industry to start to work for DC Comics exclusively.[citation needed] That same year he published his first children's book (Kasandra y la Rebelión de los niños) which will be part of a series in the future.[citation needed]

Dagnino became the regular penciller of the comic Superman with issue #692.[2]

He also did the art for the Green Lantern Prequel Special: Sinestro #1.[3]

As part of DC Comics' company-wide 2011 title relaunch, The New 52, Dagnino was made the artist on Resurrection Man.[4] He subsequently took over art duties on Suicide Squad, beginning with issue #9, replacing Jesus Saiz, who moved to Resurrection Man.[5]




Other publishers[edit]

  • Tales of the Black Spain #1-3 (Factoría de Ideas)

Children Books[edit]

  • Kasandra y la Rebelión de los niños (Editorial Puerto Norte-Sur, 2008, ISBN 84-934369-7-6)


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