Fernando Figueroa

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Fernando Figueroa while President of El Salvador.

General Fernando Figueroa (1849 in Ilobasco – 16 June 1919) was President of El Salvador from March 1, 1907 to March 1, 1911. He was the last in a series of military rulers who had ruled the country since the 1880s.

He had six children and eventually two of his grandchildren would become important figures in the political landscape. Fabio Castillo Figueroa became one of the leaders in the early days of the leftist guerrilla movement[1] and Alfredo Avila Figueroa went on to become the youngest mayor of the city of San Salvador and later on, governor of the province of San Salvador.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pedro José Escalón
President of El Salvador
Succeeded by
Manuel Enrique Araujo