Fernando Pérez de Almazán

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Fernando Pérez de Almazán
11ºGovernor of the Spanish Colony of Texas
In office
Preceded by José de Azlor y Virto de Vera
Succeeded by Melchor de Mediavilla y Azcona
Personal details
Born unknown
Died unknown
Profession Political

Fernando Pérez de Almazán, was a Spanish emissary and Governor of Texas (1722–1727)

Early life[edit]

Fernando Perez de Almazan was born in the early eighteenth century, but his place of birth is unknown. In the Aguayo expedition he became emissary of the French commander in the city of Natchitoches (then belonging to Texas, currently within Louisiana), when France intended to invade the area.[1]

Spanish Governor's Palace entrance showing building exterior


In 1721, Fernando Perez de Almazan and Captain Gabriel Costales came to Natchitoches to meet with the commander of the French fort and explain his intention to occupy Los Adaes (which had been Spanish, then taken and later abandoned by the French). The expedition could take back the area and create a better fortress to protect the site from new invasions from outside French boundaries. After a discussion between the French commander and Spanish major representatives, they decided they could restore and fortify the border wherever they saw fit. They decided to establish the presidio near Natchitoches.[2]

In 1722, he was appointed governor of Texas, after the former governor of Texas and Coahuila, José de Azlor y Virto de Vera, proposed different governments to Coahuila and Texas in 1720. Pérez de Almazán established the Texas capital at Los Adaes.[1]

Possibly as early as 1722 the Spanish Governor's Palace was built in San Antonio.[3]

In 1724, East Texas suffered significant crop losses, which prompted Almazán to travel to San Antonio looking other supplies. Because the river into the city was difficult to navigate, he put rafts at river crossings. After collecting supplies in 1725, the governor was sick. He stayed in San Antonio and appointed Captain Melchor de Mediavilla y Azcona as lieutenant governor of Los Adaes. However, between 1727 and 1729, Pérez de Almazán's health worsened and he was forced to resign, making Mediavilla y Azcona the new governor of Texas.

In 1729, he was in Mexico City.[1]


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