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Fernando Perdomo
Background information
Birth nameFernando Jose Perdomo
Born (1980-08-17) August 17, 1980 (age 39)
Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.
  • Musician
  • singer
  • composer
  • arranger
  • record producer
Years active1998–present
LabelsForward Motion Records[1]

Fernando Jose Perdomo (born August 17, 1980) is an American musician, singer, composer and record producer. Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, he has co-produced Linda Perhacs' second album The Soul Of All Natural Things which holds the record for longest span of time between first and second records (44 years).[citation needed]


Perdomo playing a 1972 Fender Mustang guitar. Photo by: Sascha Rybinski

Fernando started his career as a session guitar player after playing in Miami Bands, Avenging Lawnmowers of Justice, Sixo, and Trophy Wife. In 1999, his guitar playing was featured in a nationwide ad campaign for Pier One Imports.[2] In 2002, at the age of 22 he recorded most of the guitars for Cristian Castro's platinum Amar Es album, including the number 1 hit "No Hace Falta." He went on tour with Castro for 3 years, visiting 15 countries and performing at TV and radio networks throughout Latin America. Perdomo also filled in as lead guitarist and pianist for Soraya on her final tour. It was during this time that Perdomo joined the popular Brit Pop/Modern Rock band Ed Hale and Transcendence, finally adding a permanent guitarist to the band's often-changing lineup. He also brought with him childhood friend and bassist Roger Houdaille who joined and started touring with the band at the age of 19. This precipitated a radical shift in the sound of the group, who at the time were better known for a world musicmodern rock fusion. The band shortened its name to simply Transcendence from that point forward to signal that it was no longer just a group of session musicians backing up singer-songwriter Ed Hale and had become a "real band" operating as a full-fledged unified musical unit. Starting with the band's second album Sleep With You onward the band has recorded five albums with this lineup with Perdomo often acting as lead guitarist, background vocalist, musical director, and occasionally contributing songs to the band's albums.[3]

In 2007 Perdomo acted as bassist and musical director for singer-songwriter Hilary Mcrae, who was signed to the Starbucks/ Hear Music record label. On Hilary's album "Through these walls", he is credited with playing bass, guitars, and additional engineering and arrangements. He co-arranged horns on the song "Why Can't Now Be Our Time" with the legendary Charles Calello and in addition contributed songwriting. In 2008 Perdomo produced an English album for Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, Jorge Moreno, which has not been released yet, and the legendary 70s music icon Andy Pratt (of Avenging Annie fame). His first film score was for the movie Gri-Gri, which premiered at the Cannes film festival. The film featured opening music and an original song written by Jorge Moreno, Fernando Perdomo, and Marc Chourain.[4]

In late 2008, Perdomo produced a new solo album by Transcendence singer Ed Hale entitled Ballad on Third Avenue. Perdomo had originally formed a group called Dreaming in Stereo in 2004.[5] Hale suggested that Perdomo call his new solo project by the same name. The live band lineup in 2008 included Roger Houdaille on bass, Derek Cintron, who fronts arena rock band DC-3 (Rock Band) on drums, and Cynthia Kivlan on flute, the same as in 2004. Dreaming in Stereo's band lineup included bassist Vincent Cuevas, violinist Dave Torre, keyboardist Marisol Garcia and drummer Eddie Zyne, who played with Hall & Oates and The Monkees in the 70s. The act released the album also called Dreaming in Stereo, on July 21, 2009 through Hale's label Dying Van Gogh, based out of New York City.[6] The album was then re-released through Perdomo's own label, Forward Motion Records, in the summer of 2010.[7]

In 2010 Fernando Perdomo and his band Dreaming in stereo were signed to a management deal with Bill Aucoin, under his company Aucoin Globe Entertainment. However, Aucoin became ill and died due to surgical complications from prostate cancer. Aucoin has also been credited with discovering, developing and managing the legendary rock band Kiss and Billy Idol. Dreaming in Stereo 2 followed in 2010 to glowing reviews. The band showcased at SXSW 2010 and also backed up the legendary Andy Pratt.

In 2012 Perdomo released his debut Solo EP, "Home is Wherever You Are" produced by Grammy nominated producer, Chris Rodriguez.

Perdomo moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and opened "Reseda Ranch Studios" in Reseda. His first project was co-producing (with Chris Price) The Soul of All Natural Things, the long-awaited second album by Linda Perhacs, for Asthmatic Kitty records. The album was widely acclaimed;[8] Pitchfork Media said it was "sumptuously recorded... with strings and nylon-string guitar filtering through the mix like the sunlight through the trees in her Topanga Canyon home.".[9] Perdomo and Price are currently recording a third album with Perhacs at Perdomo's Reseda Ranch Studios.

In July 2015, Perdomo and cult favorite Indie pop/power pop artist Cait Brennan completed sessions for Brennan's long-awaited first studio album, Debutante. The 13-song album was recorded in five days.[10] Brennan funded the initial production of the album through Kickstarter and exceeded her funding goal in just 69 hours.[11] Perdomo and Brennan split production duties and played all the instruments on the album.[12][13][14] In December 2016, Brennan and Perdomo reunited at Ardent Studios in Memphis to record the follow-up, Third, using much of the same gear as Big Star used in its own Ardent heyday. The album will be released by Omnivore Recordings on April 21, 2017.[15][16]

Perdomo's remix of Todd Rundgren's "Collide-A-Scope" was personally selected by Rundgren for release on the artist's 2015 "Global Nation" single.[17]

In addition to Perhacs and Brennan, Perdomo is currently producing Dean Ford, formerly of The Marmalade and Dean Ford and The Gaylords. Other recent production clients include The Defiant, Jim Camacho, Little Dove, Robert Avellanet, Rooney Anne James, Graham Marshall, Trudy Miquelerena, Apryl Electra, Rebecca Schwab, Nicole Marcus, Melissa Thatcher, Andy Pratt, Melissa Thatcher and Records and Tapes.

In 2013, Perdomo formed Records and Tapes with Jennifer Jo Oberle. The band has released 2 singles and a music video.

His new single, "Photographers in Love" came out on 11/08/13.

He opened for Jon Anderson at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach 11/10/13 and received a standing ovation.

On November 16, 2013 Perdomo released "Cheese" a collaborative single with Dutch singer Linda Bloemhard of The Mo

In 2014 Perdomo released his full-length album Warm. That same year, Perdomo became the lead guitarist for The Dirty Diamond

Perdomo is the main guitarist and bassist on New World, the debut album by Progressive rock artist Dave Kerzner.

He is the official demo artist for BeatBuddy.[18]

On October 12, 2015, Fernando Perdomo was in the core band for Echo In The Canyon, an all star concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The band backed up Jakob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Cat Power, and Jade Castrinos performing songs from the California Folk Rock Era. An album and concert movie will be out Spring 2016 with Perdomo appearing on both.

Fernando is the only bass player on Rainbow Ends, an album by Emitt Rhodes out on Omnivore Records 2/26/16

In 2016, Fernando released a solo album called Voyeurs, which was recorded in front of a live audience on Facebook

In February 2017, Fernando was the musical director for an All Star Tribute to Greg Lake on Cruise To The Edge. Guests included Sonja Kristina of Curved Air, Billy Sherwood of Yes, Dave Kerzner, Nick D'Virgilio of Spocks Beard, Derek Cintron, and Leslie Hunt of District 97

Fernando co-produced Third by Cait Brennan. The album was recorded at Ardent Studios and was released on Omnivore Recordings April 21, 2017.

Fernando's album, The Golden Hour was released by Forward Motion Records on August 17, 2017. It was recorded at Ardent Studios and Reseda Ranch Studios, and mixed and mastered by Zach Ziskin.

In November 2018 Perdomo released Zebra Crossing, with Zak Nilsson (son of Harry Nilsson), Cyndi Trissel, and Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich appearing. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and is Perdomo's love letter to the famous studio and includes his cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".[19]

On May 24th, 2019 The Documentary film Echo In The Canyon premiered in theaters and the official Soundtrack album was released on BMG records. Fernando appears in the film as the guitarist in the backing band in most of the scenes, and he appears on every track but one on the soundtrack album. [20]


Dreaming in Stereo (band)[edit]

Fernando Perdomo (solo)[edit]

Records and tapes (band)[edit]

  • 2013 "Best Type of Regret" (single)
  • 2014 "Hard To Believe" (single)

With Linda Bloemhard[edit]

  • 2013 "Cheese" (single)

As Reseda[edit]

As Encino Evil[edit]

  • 2016 Stolen Car
  • 2017 Covfefe (single)
  • 2018 E- Scooter (with Ken Sharp and Rob Bonfiglio)

As Stones[edit]

  • 2016 Stones (EP)
  • 2017 Chroma Polaris (single)

As The Black Galaxy[edit]

  • 2016 The Black Galaxy

As producer[edit]

  • Andy Pratt, Andy Pratt Loves You, (2010)
  • Andy Pratt, Life & Death, (2011)
  • Jorge Moreno, Thank You (Single), (2010)
  • Jorge Moreno, This Town (Single), (2011)
  • Jorge Moreno, Rezo Por Ti (Single), (2011)
  • Alih Jey, Tarte, (2011)
  • Chris Alvy Band, Art Noise, (2011)
  • Dreaming in Stereo, Dreaming in Stereo (2009)
  • Dreaming in Stereo, Dreaming in Stereo 2 (2011)
  • Ed Hale, Ballad on Third Avenue (2009)
  • The Sunrise, Spread The Word
  • Elijah Cross, Flawed Designs
  • Lizette Santana, Aún Sueño En Ti (2009)
  • Resonance, Frequency
  • Michael Isla, Sonic Self Portrait
  • Greg Essence, Hola Mama (2011)
  • Rachel Goodrich, Tinker Toys (one track: Little Brass Bear) (2008)
  • Rachel Goodrich, Rachel Goodrich (one track: Popsicles) (2011)
  • Jennifer Kaiser, Masquerade (2011)
  • The Mann Sisters, The Mann Sisters EP (2011)
  • Omine, Whiskey and Chocolate (2011)
  • Jill Hartmann, Things I Want to Remember
  • Sylvia Emmerson, For All Who Wander (2011)
  • Arboles Libres, Arboles Libres (2010)
  • Arboles Libres, Light Me up a Cigarette (single)
  • David Packouz, Microcosm (2009)
  • Gigi Denisco, Blue Skies and The Rain (single)
  • Yves Giraud, Hello (2010)
  • Danny Luis, Walk On (single) (2011)
  • Tim Charron, Greatest Hits (2009)
  • Kingsley and Perdomo, Fake Smiles (2010)
  • Jason Masik, House of the Rising Sun (2010)
  • Union Cell, All The Pretty Things (2011)
  • Kim Drake, Surrealist Dream (2011)
  • The Sunrise, We Have Not Heard (2012)
  • Andrew Johnston "Teenage Paws (Fernando Perdomo Remix)" (Vinyl Single) (2013)
  • The Defiant, Guilty (2013)
  • Melissa Thatcher, The Streets of Silverlake (2013)
  • Jim Camacho, Everywhere (2013)
  • Little Dove, Little Dove (2013)
  • Robert Avellanet, When I Have You (single) (2013)
  • Apryl Electra's Common Ancestors- Follow The Breeze (single) (2013)
  • Trudy Miquelerena – I Wanna Surrender (2013)
  • Records and Tapes – Best Type of Regret (single) (2013)
  • Records and Tapes – Hard to Believe (Single) (2013)
  • Andy Pratt – Gonna Love You Till The Day I Die (single) (2013)
  • Andy Pratt – Little Bitty Soul (single) (2013)
  • Graham Marshall – Makin It on My Own (single) (2013)
  • Robert Avellanet - Heart and Soul (2014)
  • Linda Perhacs, The Soul of All Natural Things (2014)
  • Andy Pratt - The New Normal? (2014)
  • Lize - I Surrender (Single) (2014)
  • The Defiant - Plans and Schemes (2014)
  • Nicole Marcus - Nicole Marcus (2014)
  • Jawn Star - 5 Points of Light (2014)
  • Alih Jey - Car Trouble (2014)
  • Fernando Perdomo - Dreams (2014)
  • Fernando Perdomo - Warm (2014)
  • Trudy Love - Cosa (2014)
  • Gayle Skidmore - Let Me Down (single) (2014)
  • Gayle Skidmore - Barrel, Trigger, Gun (single) (2014)
  • Gayle Skidmore - Rag Doll (Single) (2014)
  • Zak Schaffer - Part Of Your Collection (2014)
  • The Dirty Diamond - From The Stars (Single) (2014)
  • San Fernando - The Sound (single) (2014)
  • Ex Norwegian - Wasted Lines (2014)
  • Brian Jay Cline - Trick Photography (2015)
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  • The Rosannah Sisters - Whatever Happens (2015)
  • David Divad - Healing Hands (2015)
  • Yves Giraud - I'm Your Light (2015)
  • Jeanne Partridge - Be Your Angel (2015)
  • Todd Rundgren - Collide A Scope (Fernando Perdomo Remix) (2015)
  • Choix - Shine (single) (2015)
  • Life on Mars - Far (2015)
  • Alih Jey - Steal Your Boyfriend (single) (2015)
  • Andy Pratt - Do You Remember Me? (2015)
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  • Robert Bidney - It's All About The Love (2015)
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  • Jacob Jeffries - Even Now (single) (2015)
  • Girl, Disappearing - Temporarily In The Maya (2015)
  • Choix - "Right To Be Wrong (single) (2016)
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  • Jacob Jeffries - "Limb" (single) (2016)
  • Jealous Man - "LA Noir" (single) (2016)
  • Jealous Man - "Down Into Egypt" (single) (2016)
  • Trysette Loosemore - "Shadowgirl" (one song) (2017)
  • Brian Jay Cline - "Writers Block" (2017)
  • Ken Sharp - "My Favorite Songbook" (vinyl LP) (4 songs) (2017)
  • Graham Marshall - "Mr Complicated" (2017)
  • David Batteau - "Blue Love" (single) (2017)
  • Christine Leakey - "Wanderlust Wishing Well" (one song) (2017)
  • Durga McBroom - "Queen Of Kayoss" (2017)
  • Gretchen's Wheel - "Sad Scientist" (one song) (2017)
  • David Batteau - "Misery" (single) (2017)
  • Life On Mars - "The Resurrection of Ants" (one song) (2017)
  • Cait Brennan - Third, (2017) [15][16]
  • Jennifer Kaiser - Closer To Red (2017)
  • Linda Perhacs - I'm A Harmony (2017)

As a session musician[edit]


  • Pier One Imports, Commercial (1999)
  • Catch .44, Trailer (2011)
  • Melrose Place (2011)
  • House, Commercial (2012)
  • Dexter, Commercial (2012)
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey (2012)
  • Dexter, Episode "Talk to the Hand" (2012)
  • Toyota RAV 4 Commercial (Perdomo singing in Italian)
  • Target "Holiday Card" ad in English and Spanish
  • McDonald's "Cuties" ad in Spanish
  • Toyota Rav4 "Todos a La Vez" commercial
  • Canvas by Land's End "Introducing Canvass by Lands End" Ad featuring "River of God" by Linda Perhacs (co written and Co produced by Fernando)
  • Dunkin Donuts "Holiday Ad" 2016 Latin America
  • Echo In The Canyon Documentary Film appears as himself


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