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Fernando Pessa, ComIH, GOM, OBE (April 15, 1902 – April 29, 2002) was a Portuguese journalist and reporter. Early in 2002, Pessa was hailed as the world's oldest journalist. He joined Portugal's state radio in 1934, and covered World War II for BBC radio, for which he was subsequently appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by King George VI. On March 7, 1957 Pessa made the first live television transmission of the Portuguese Radio and Television service.He was married to Simone Alice Roufier. He died on April 29, 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal.[1]


  • The Boys from Brazil (1978) - German Officer at Party (uncredited)
  • Lionheart (1987)
  • La gamine (1992)