Fernando de Valdés y Llanos

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Fernando de Valdés y Llanos by Diego Velázquez

Fernando de Valdés y Llanos (28 July, 1575 – 1639) was the Archbishop of Granada from 1633 to 1639.


Fernando de Valdés y Llanos was born in Cangas de Tineo on July 28, 1575.[1] He was a member of the family of the Count of Toreno.[2]

Valdés was appointed Bishop of Teruel on July 9, 1625, and consecrated as a bishop by Diego Guzmán de Haros, Archbishop of Seville, on November 16, 1625.[1] He was Bishop Elect of León in 1632, before being appointed Archbishop of Granada on July 18, 1633.[1] As Archbishop of Granada, he was president of the Council of Castile.[2]

He died in 1639.[2]


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