Ferncourt High School

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Ferncourt High School
Ferncourt High School emblem.png

Claremont, St Ann

Ferncourt High School is located in Jamaica
Ferncourt High School
Ferncourt High School
Coordinates 18°19′52″N 77°10′11″W / 18.3312°N 77.1697°W / 18.3312; -77.1697Coordinates: 18°19′52″N 77°10′11″W / 18.3312°N 77.1697°W / 18.3312; -77.1697
Motto Labor Vincit
(Hard Work Conquers)
Founded 1938
Founder Mrs. Iris Simpson
Age 11 to 16
Enrollment 1200

Ferncourt High School located in Claremont, St Ann, Jamaica is co-educational and has a student body of approximately 1200.


Ferncourt High school was officially opened in 1938. Housed in a building previously belonging to Dr. Curphey, known as 'Cedars,' Ferncourt welcomed its first set of girls who all boarded on the school's compound.

An active member of the Anglican Church and the Scout Movement, it was no surprise that Mrs. Simpson devised a curriculum that not only catered to the girls' intellectual development but one that would also prepared them to be socially and morally, upstanding citizens. To deliver this curriculum which included classical subjects such as French, Latin and Music along with the fundamental social graces, the staff was recruited from all across Jamaica as well as overseas .

As the institution was privately owned, the acceptance of students was based primarily on the character and resources of the parents as well as the conduct and ability of the students.

The school later became a co-educational institution and the population maintained a steady growth and by 1959 the population had reached two hundred and sixty six. In 1955, the government formally recognized the school which became a public entity in 1960. As the school continued to expand and the society began to change there were curriculum changes. Less emphasis was now placed on the classical subjects such as French and Latin and more emphasis on the technical subjects. Presently Femcourt incorporates traditional high school education with training in Industrial Arts and Practical Commercial Skills. Ferncourt High School is also one of the few traditional high schools in Jamaica that boasts a Technical Department and it is the only government owned traditional high school in Region Three.

Mrs. Simpson held the position of Principal from its opening until 1961. When she retired Mr. Weller took over the leadership of the school for a short while. He was followed by Mr. James Laing, Mr. Oswald Fisher, Mr. Byron Brown, Mr. O.R. Bell, Miss. V.J. Clarke, Rev'd St. Aubyn Hay, Mrs. Sharon Kelly- Stair, Mrs. Ethyl Mullings, Rev'd Claudette Johnson, Mrs. Veronica Archer and currently Rev'd Lenworth Sterling who is one of the many fortunate who can say that Ferncourt High School is his Alma mater- their pride and joy.

Ferncourt High currently has a second campus located at Brittonville. The school has extended its facilities with staff residences, an auditorium and an extra laboratory to accommodate a population of 1556 students and a faculty of over sixty on both campuses.

The school is in now in its 71st year. The Board of Governors, the principal, staff and students of Ferncourt High School say thank you to all the individuals and organizations that have helped the school to become what it is today. As we move forward we welcome any contribution that will propel the school to become one of Jamaica's best and carry on the legacy of Mrs. Iris Blanche Simpson.


Students enter at 1st form (7th grade) and continue to 5th form (11th grade) when they sit various subjects in the CXC and CCSLC exams.Most recently a 6th form (12 and 13th grade) programme has been added.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Clubs and Societies: 4-H Club – Red Cross Society Jamaica Combined Cadet Force Tourism Action Plan Environment Club Girls Guide Social Graces United Nations Wellness Club ISCF Photography/Astronomy Club Music Club Spanish Club Dance Group Mathematics club Sporting Activities: Track & Field Netball

For sports the school population is divided into five houses:

  • Curphy
  • Simpson
  • Jacob
  • Brown
  • Smith



The school's motto is "Labor Vincit" which, when translated to English, means "Hard work conquers".

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