Ferndale Main Street Historic District

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Ferndale Main Street Historic District
Ferndale CA Main Street to North.jpg
Ferndale's Historic Main Street view to north at Ocean Avenue.

300-580 Main, 330 Ocean and 207-290 Francis Sts.

Coordinates 40°44′35.79″N 124°15′49.46″W / 40.7432750°N 124.2637389°W / 40.7432750; -124.2637389Coordinates: 40°44′35.79″N 124°15′49.46″W / 40.7432750°N 124.2637389°W / 40.7432750; -124.2637389
Architect includes T.J. Frost
Architectural style Italianate, Stick/Eastlake, Queen Anne commercial and mixed use buildings
NRHP reference # 93001461
Added to NRHP January 10, 1994[1]

The City of Ferndale was designated as a State Historic Landmark (No. 883) in 1975 by the California State Parks Office of Historic Preservation. Ferndale's Main Street Historic District was established in 1994 by the National Park Service and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.[2][3]


Two distinct architectural phases are represented: late 19th century Victorian architecture, 1880 to 1890 and the early Modern period of the 20th century, 1920 to 1936. Eastlake-Stick style buildings by Architect T.J. Frost are particularly well represented as are Italianate, Queen Anne, Neo-Classic, Bungalow, and Mission styles.

The Ferndale Main Street Historic District covers 46 acres, includes 39 contributing buildings and one object, the Town Clock.[3][4]

. Name[5] Image Date built Location Summary
1 Alford House 207 Francis Ferndale CA.jpg 1884 207 Francis St. Cottage built for Dr. Alford in 1884.
2 Masonic Temple 212 Francis Ferndale CA.jpg 1891 212 Francis St. Eastlake-Stick architecture.
3 Enterprise Office 219 Francis Ferndale CA.jpg 1891 219 Francis St. Currently residential.
4 Faulkner House 1899 230 Francis St. Built for Thomas H. Faulkner.
5 Faulkner Building 248-250 Francis Ferndale CA.jpg 1881 248-250 Francis St. Commercial false-front.
6 Russ Bank Building Russ Bank Building Ferndale CA 1891.jpg 1891 290 Francis St. and 400 Ocean Ave. Eastlake-Stick - T.J. Frost, Architect
7 Robert's Hotel/Ferndale Hotel 315 Main, Ivanhoe Hotel, Ferndale, CA.jpg 1875 315 Main St. Currently Ivanhoe Hotel. Oldest building in historic district.
8 Taylor Building 325-337 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1898 325-327 Main St. The red building on left is part of the Taylor building which has housed the Post Office and a drug store.
9 Enterprise Building 334 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1923 334 Main St. Concrete moderne.
10 Post Office/ Drug Store Building 325-337 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1889 337 Main St. The grey part of the Taylor building at right has been the Post Office and a drug store.
11 Palace Saloon 353 Main, The Palace, Ferndale CA.jpg 1902 341-353 Main St. The Palace Saloon is the westernmost saloon in the conterminous 48 U.S. states.
12 Loewenthal's Ferndale Reliable Store 344 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 344 Main St. Eastlake-Stick - T.J. Frost, Architect.
13 Brown's Office Building 350 Main Ferndale CA.JPG 1902 350 Main St. Built as T.H. Brown's Office Building by putting up what is known as a Victorian False-front in 1902.
14 Rose Mullady's Millinery & Art Needlework Store 358 Main Ferndale CA.JPG 1928 358 Main St. Modernistic building with added Victorian ornament.
15 D. A. Branstetter Building 361 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1902 361 Main St. Victorian False-front.
16 Ring's Pharmacy Ring's Rexall Pharmacy, 362 Main Street, and Ferndale Meat Co., 376 Main Street, Ferndale, California.jpg 1896 362 Main St. Eastlake-Stick - T.J. Frost, Architect
17 Russ & Sons Meat Market 376 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1900 376 Main St. Eastlake-Stick - T.J. Frost, Architect.
18 Town Clock CALIFORNIA-HUMBOLDT COAST - NARA - 542794.jpg 1923 385 Main St. In front of Dan A. Branstetter building.
19 P.F. Hart Building 393 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1896 393 Main St. Former gallery of Hobart Brown.
20 Ferndale Bank 394 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1911 394 Main St. Neo-Classical - still a bank.
21 New Hart Building 399-405 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1924 399-405 Main St. Mission Revival Style.
22 Alford's Drug Store/Michel Drug Store 409 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1877 409 Main St. Italianate storefront.
23 Mullady Building 424 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1894 424 Main St. Victorian False-front built for James Mullady.
24 Masonic-Odd Fellows Hall 425-431 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1875 425-431 Main St. Victorian False-front.
25 Meng Building 430-436 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1891 430-436 Main St. Victorian False-front.
26 Hart Theatre 441-451 Main Ferndale CA 2014.jpg 1920 441-451 Main St. F. Georgeson, Architect, currently Ferndale Repertory Theatre.
27 Gill House/Blackburn Building 444 Main Ferndale CA-2016.jpg 1876 444 Main St. Victorian False-front.
28 Grangreen-Ward-Gill House 452 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1870 452 Main St. 1870 residence joined to an 1918 storefront.
29 G. W. Williams Building 455 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1888 455 Main St. Modified in 1920, 1948, and 1954. Upper floor subsequently rebuilt and restored by Ferndale Blacksmith Company.
30 Eel River & Southern Telephone Company Building 460 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1924 460 Main St. Mission Revival.
31 Dahlquist Plumbing & Electrical Shop 468 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1936 468 Main St. Eastlake-Stick style - T.J. Frost, Architect.
32 Gill Building/Hiller Building 476 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1891 476 Main St. Victorian False-front.
33 Paine Building 484-492 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1901 484 Main St. Queen Anne Style built for S.H. Paine.
34 Old Red Front Store 505 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1900 505 Main St. Italianate (modified late 1940s).
35 Kemp Building 513-525 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1930 513-525 Main St. Mission Revival.
36 Petersen's Service Station 524 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1930 524 Main St. Modernistic/Streamline Moderne
37 R. H. Edwards Building 535 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1901 535 Main St. Victorian False-front.
38 Hiram Hatch Building 543 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1901 543 Main St. Victorian False-front.
39 Charles A. Doe Building 561-563 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1901 561-563 Main St. Neo-Classical.
40 S&E Garage and Ford Dealership 580 & 554 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1927 580 Main St. Modernistic False-front.

Six other Historic Landmarks, the Shaw House, the Berding House, the Catholic Church of the Assumption Rectory, Ferndale Public Library and the Alford-Nielson House are within the city limits, and the Fern Cottage Historic District is slightly out of town.

Popular culture[edit]

Some of Ferndale's historic buildings at Legoland, California. Left to right top: Abraxas Building, Victorian Inn, NVB Bank Building, Hobart Galleries, and the IOOF hall. The order of the buildings is not the same in reality.

Legoland Model Replica[edit]

Many of Ferndale's buildings have been recreated at the Legoland California theme park - the only American small town represented alongside New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and other nationally known locations. Ferndale was settled by many Danes, and Lego is a Danish company. In 1995, Legoland staff took hundreds of photos in Ferndale, and used over 1 million Lego bricks to recreate the town in the Miniland section of the park.[6]

Films and Movies[edit]

Ferndale's historic Main Street has been shown in television and movies since the 1960s. The street is featured in movies like The Majestic, Outbreak, Salem's Lot and A Death in Canaan.


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