Ferny Grove State High School

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Ferny Grove State High School
Ferny Grove State High School Emblem.png
Ferny Grove, Queensland
Coordinates 27°24′22″S 152°56′04″E / 27.406172°S 152.934552°E / -27.406172; 152.934552Coordinates: 27°24′22″S 152°56′04″E / 27.406172°S 152.934552°E / -27.406172; 152.934552
Type Independent public school
Motto Always Aim High
Established 1980 (1980)
Principal Mark A Breckenridge
Enrolment 1700 (2015)
Campus On Site
Colour(s) green/brown (formal) silver/green/purple (sport)

Ferny Grove State High School is an independent public secondary school in the suburb of Ferny Grove, in Brisbane, Australia.

The school has 1700 students enrolled as of the end of 2015.[1] In 2007, the school won the award for the most innovative music program in Queensland.[2] Ferny Grove has also won the award for the cleanest school for 8 years, With the latest Green and Healthy Schools award being won in 2010.[3]


The school was opened in 1980 on its current site at McGinn Road, Ferny Grove, near the Ferny Grove Railway Station and primary school; the Primary school is located in Finvoy Street Ferny Grove.


  • Keith Tabulo (1980-1982)
  • Tony Marsland (1982-1985)
  • Ralph Took (1985-2000)
  • Russell Burguez (Acting) (2000)
  • Chris Rider (2000-2007)
  • Kaye Gardner (2007 - 2010)
  • David Sutton (Acting) (2010)
  • Mark Breckenridge (2010-present)


Notable teachers at the school include John Howard Amundsen who taught the subjects of manual arts, media and business.[4][5] Amundsen gained notoriety in May 2006, after a stockpile of explosives and detonators were found in his home which caused the school to be evacuated and searched.[4][5][6][7][8] On 10 May 2006, the school was closed for most of the morning as police with sniffer dogs checked classrooms, before they declared it safe for students and staff to resume lessons.[5] In a Brisbane court on 11 May 2006, he was charged with fraudulently obtaining 53kg of the explosive substance Powergel.[8] He was subsequently charged with preparing a terrorist act, as well as two counts of making a threat and making a hoax threat.[8] In February 2007, the charges of terrorism and making a hoax threat were dropped but replaced with new charges of possessing incendiary devices and having dangerous goods in a vehicle.[9][10]



The school is located in the suburb of Ferny Grove in Queensland's capital city, Brisbane. It is situated on McGinn Road, which is quite close to Ferny Grove State Primary School and the Ferny Grove Railway Station.

Grounds and facilities[edit]

The grounds of the school are known for their landscaping and aesthetically pleasing gardens. The school occupies a large area of land, and this allows the school have a feel of space, openness and tranquility. There is only one building that is not single story, and this demonstrates the contrast of Ferny Grove SHS from the typical hospital-style campuses of other Brisbane Secondary Schools such as St Lawrence's and Brisbane State High.



The summer uniform consists of mint green buttoned shirt, bottle green shorts, brown leather belt, brown leather shoes, brown socks and an optional bottle green tie. The winter uniform is the same, with the inclusion of a dark green sweater with school emblem or school jacket. For formal occasions and senior leaders, a blazer is worn, with school emblem and appropriate gold insignia.


Bottle green skirt and pale green blouse. Brown Leather lace up Shoes with brown socks. Tie not compulsory.

School houses[edit]

On enrolment, students are allocated at random to the four houses of Itchika (red), Kara Kara (yellow), Ourapilla (black), and Wookarin (blue). The houses take their names from the language of the original indigenous inhabitants of the land on which the school is situated.


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